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California Super Lawyers business/corporate legal resources

To Mediate or Arbitrate, That is the Question

How alternatives to litigation can save businesses time, money and more

The Care and Feeding of Nonprofits

Nonprofit business attorneys give their legal advice

Why You Need a Lawyer to Help Comply with the CCPA

You can navigate it on your own, but a data privacy professional is a safer bet

DIY Legal Documents on the Internet May Lead to Trouble

A few reasons Los Angeles startups might want legal advice instead

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for Tax-Exempt Status?

California nonprofits must determine problematic issues before filing

Filing the IRS Form 1023-EZ?

It’s less work for California nonprofits, but does not assure tax-exempt compliance

Steps to Take Before a Nonprofit Applies for Tax-Exempt Status

California nonprofits have major decisions to make before filing the application

When Is a Nonprofit Lobbying?

In California, excessive lobbying could lead to loss of tax-exempt status

Can Nonprofits Endorse Politicians in California?

501(c)(3) organizations can’t, but there is room for election involvement

How to Start Your Own Sports Betting Facility

Wait for the states to pass legislation, then call a lawyer

Data Breaches Happen

It’s not always someone’s fault when private information goes rogue

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