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Local Counsel with Ryan B. Lamchick

Miami’s Ryan Lamchick tells us what’s good in the neighborhood

Published in 2017 Florida Super Lawyers magazine

Best place to take a client  –  Joe’s Stone Crab. It’s a South Florida classic. 

Favorite watering hole  –  Sugar, atop East, a Miami hotel in Brickell City Centre. Great view of the ever-changing downtown and Brickell skyline.  

Favorite building  –  1111 Lincoln Road garage, which is way more than a garage. I love the way it looks at night. 

Best restaurant​​​​​​​  –  Byblos Miami. The Mediterranean fusion menu is very different from anything around.

Weekend getaway​​​​​​​  –  Last-minute cruise out of the Port of Miami, especially if it’s going to Cozumel or the Bahamas so I can get in some snorkeling with my kids. 

Favorite place to vacation​​​​​​​  –  South of France or Italy—can’t beat the food, and the Mediterranean water is unlike anything else.

BEST historical fact about Florida​​​​​​​  –  It was the last state touching the Eastern seaboard to become a state.  

WORST historical fact about Florida​​​​​​​  –  In 2014, the historic Tobacco Road—a speakeasy during Prohibition—closed down to clear the way for Brickell City Centre. 

Favorite city event​​​​​​​  –  Art Basel international art fair.

Favorite historical resident​​​​​​​  –  Al Capone. 

Where to go after a win?​​​​​​​  –  The Capital Grille steakhouse. 

Where to go after a loss?​​​​​​​  –  The golf course—to distract me. 

Favorite thing about your office (besides your colleagues)​​​​​​​  –  Shooting on our indoor basketball hoop. 

Favorite breakfast spot​​​​​​​  –  Grown. It serves healthy and amazing food. 

Best place to reflect​​​​​​​  –  Cuban Crafters Cigars, which has cigar rollers in the window. 

Best view​​​​​​​  –  From the Rusty Pelican looking back at Downtown Miami is still one of the best views after all these years—it’s been around since 1958.

Favorite park​​​​​​​  –  Merrie Christmas Park. The gigantic banyan trees have been there since well before I existed.

Go-to sports venue​​​​​​​  –  AAA is a blast. They have improved their concessions but if you make it down to Flagship or Hyde lounges, you are in for some entertainment.

Best place for people-watching​​​​​​​  –  Lincoln Road, because it is crawling with people from all walks of life who somehow don’t seem to ever have to work during the day! 

City’s best sports moment​​​​​​​  –  2006 NBA Finals, when we had Shaq and Zo and a young up-and-comer named Dwyane Wade. 

City’s worst sports moment​​​​​​​  –  Losing D-Wade and LeBron. OK, just losing D-Wade.

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