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Joani Loves Family Law

Bringing calm to crisis is Joani Moberg's goal

Published in 2010 Minnesota Rising Stars magazine

Some attorneys would rather do anything but family law and divorce cases, but not Joani Moberg. She loves it. A shareholder at Larkin Hoffman in Bloomington, Moberg aims to take the emotion out of highly charged situations and help families through their crises in a calm and reasonable fashion. 

“I really am settlement-focused. Reaching an agreement and working together is best for a family in the long run,” says Moberg. “I want to empower clients with information and guidance to help them through the process and equip them to settle the case.”

Yet Moberg understands that when the two sides are miles apart, court is where matters need to play out. And she’s got the skills and experience for that setting, having tried many divorce cases.  

Armed with undergraduate degrees in psychology and family studies, Moberg believes she acts as a true counselor to her clients. She also enjoys strategizing, applying tax law and analyzing cases involving closely held businesses or large plots of real estate. “It’s very intellectually rewarding, and it’s never boring,” she adds. 

That was definitely true when Moberg represented a woman who was raised in a Wisconsin-based cult, married and had two children. She wanted to leave the group and gain sole legal and physical custody; her cult-member husband didn’t agree. Moberg took on the case and scored a victory for her client.

A former law clerk to Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul H. Anderson, Moberg currently serves as co-chair of the Hennepin County Bar Association’s family law section. She is co-president of the Loan Repayment Assistance Program of Minnesota, which gives grants to encourage attorneys to serve as legal aid lawyers and stay longer. 

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