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Whether Loud or at a Normal Volume, Jeremy Worley Has Something to Say

Discovery with Jeremy Worley

Published in 2020 Southwest Super Lawyers magazine

My nickname is … Worley Bird.

I can’t go a day without … reading my Bible. 

If you were in my office, you’d … want to grab a seat on the couch. It’s the most comfortable and I tend to be long-winded.

My colleagues would be surprised to know that … I love athletics. Watching or playing, count me in. A game of cornhole? Let’s do this!

When I was a newbie lawyer I … once deposed my client for over an hour because counsel finished his deposition and said, “I’ll pass the witness.” I figured I was supposed to say something, so I did, and I just kept going.

The lawyer I most admire is … my dad. What a privilege to get to learn my profession from my hero. 

When I started, I wish I knew … how important it was to understand the business side of practicing law. Young lawyers rarely understand the financial, marketing and management skills required to succeed in law—and I certainly didn’t!

If I weren’t a lawyer, I’d be … working at Baylor University. I worked in the Baylor University admissions department prior to going to law school and loved it!   

When I win a case, I celebrate by … eating a big steak dinner and drinking a Sonic Dr. Pepper. 

My favorite Twitter feed is … @darrenrovell.

I can’t believe more people haven’t read … their online reviews from clients. 

My most bizarre talent is … I’m a loud phone talker. I realize that’s not really a talent, but it is bizarre because I don’t tend to be that loud in life.

The talent I wish I had is … the ability to fix stuff around the house. My abilities go only as far as YouTube how-to videos will take me.

On my best day I … get to hug and kiss my family. I am a complete #girldad, so my best days are spent with my daughters and my wife.

On my worst day I … still have nothing to complain about.

The craziest thing I witnessed in a courtroom is … a juror fell asleep during trial in such a bizarre position in his chair that he cut off oxygen to his brain and suffered a seizure.

The movie line I quote most often is … “One in a million … so you’re telling me there’s a chance!”—Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber. (I secretly wish it was something much more profound or intellectual.)

My favorite podcast is … How I Built This with Guy Raz.

If I had a morning show, my co-host would be … Chip Gaines.

The last TV show I binge-watched was … The Staircase on Netflix.

Nothing cheers me up like … my two girls, Meg (age 9) and Faith (age 6). 

My guilty pleasure is … NFL fantasy football.

My courtroom walk-up song would be … “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.

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