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Local Counsel with Larry Rice

The Memphis attorney tells us what’s good in the neighborhood.

Published in 2016 Mid-South Super Lawyers magazine

Best place to take a client  –  Cafe Society for a sophisticated, quiet meal; Gus’s Fried Chicken on Front Street for celebration of a successful trial.

Favorite building  –  The Rice Amundsen building. I’d better like it: I designed it and spend most of my waking life there.

Favorite historical fact about Memphis  –  The original owner of the land grant for what became downtown Memphis was John Rice.

Least favorite historical fact about Memphis  –  I am not related to John Rice in any way.

Favorite city event  –  Memphis in May World Champion BBQ Fest. We will BBQ anything, but we worship pork. I am certified as a BBQ judge. This required both classroom training and field experience.

Favorite courthouse perk  –  I load up my suit pocket with candy and hand it out. It’s hard for opposing counsel to be mad when you give them a bite-sized Snickers.

Favorite thing about your office  –  The people. They are bright, committed to excellence, work hard, and since I sign their checks, they laugh at my jokes.

Favorite breakfast spot  –  On the left side of my bed.

Best place to reflect  –  On the right side of my bed.

Best view  –  The river bluffs by the old bridges. 

Favorite park  –  Overton Park.

Go-to sports venue  –  FedExForum.

Go-to arts venue  –  The Brooks and Dixon Museums.

Favorite movie theater  –  The Pink Palace IMAX. 

Favorite historical site  –  Beale Street. You have to love a historical site where blues and booze still flow nightly.

Most beautiful spot  –  Where my wife is standing with a smile on her face after I come home from a tough day.

Favorite pizza joint  –  Broadway Pizza. Try to imagine deep-dish Memphis pizza. The Around The World Sausage is a thing to behold.

Out-of-town guests are impressed with  –  Graceland.

Favorite lesser-known tourist attraction  –  Central Gardens: 100-year-old houses (including mine), with giant trees, huge front porches and people walking. 

Favorite city law  –  For decades, people believed there was a law against honking your horn in Memphis. There is no such law, but Boss Crump told people not to honk their horns and his word was law.

Favorite judge to argue before  –  I am not fool enough to answer this question.

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