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Practical Applications in Texas

Handy technologies fellow attorneys are using

Published in 2017 Texas Rising Stars magazine


iOS, Android, Windows

I extensively use Dropbox. It lets me store case files in the cloud, so I have them on hand at all times. If I need a document for a meeting or in a deposition, I can find it in under a minute on my phone or iPad. It also allows me to create shared folders for clients and co-counsel, which makes it easier to collaborate effectively. 

Katharine Atlas
Atlas Law; Houston;
Media and Advertising,
Aerospace and Aviation

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

iOS, Android, Windows

I carry this scanner everywhere. In depositions, when someone introduces an exhibit, I just scan it right there. It’s also great for client meetings: The client hands me his key documents and I scan them in minutes. It’s also very useful at trial. If I come across a document that I do not have loaded in my trial presentation system, I can scan the doc and import it.

It has the ability to transmit the scan to your phone, tablet or computer wirelessly, [or] I plug it into my MacBook Pro’s USB port and copy the images to our firm’s hosted document-management system.

Robert Edward Booth
Mills Shirley; Galveston;
Litigation: Business


iOS, Android, Windows
$5-$20 per month

It was important for me to accept credit cards in my practice. First, clients appreciate having a quick and secure way to pay, and it’s how consumers are used to paying these days. Second, most of the people I know are simply not check writers. Third, I get paid much faster. There’s a processing fee, but I’d much rather have a small percentage taken out and get paid immediately than keep following up and waiting around for that “check in the mail.” I chose LawPay because it’s local, ethical—no fees coming out of your trust account—and has great customer service.

Amy E. Mitchell
Amy E. Mitchell, PLLC;
Austin; Entertainment
& Sports

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