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Discovery with Sandra Giannone Ezell

Sandra Giannone Ezell knows who runs the world

Published in 2017 Virginia Super Lawyers magazine

My nickname is … I never liked the feeling you get at Starbucks when everyone knows your name, so although nobody but the barista calls me this, it’s Gia. 

If you were in my office … I would not be there. The joke is that I pay for a parking spot so that the one time I do get to the office, I can park in the same spot and not forget where my car is. 

When I was a newbie lawyer … I did not know it was OK to be me. Slowly, I just became me. It’s much more fun and much less work when you’re your authentic self.

My favorite song lyric is … “best revenge is your paper” – “Formation,” Beyoncé

The quality I most like in a lawyer is … preparedness. I win, I lose, I soar, I fall, but I am always ready.  

My pre-trial routine is … insanity.

When I started, I wish I knew … that I was the one who was in control of how people perceived me. 

My career high point (so far) … was a few years ago, after a trial, a juror came up to me and said, “When we saw you up there at the beginning, one woman vs. five men, we were worried about you. After we watched for a few days, we were worried about them.” 

My courtroom walk-up music would be … “Formation,” Beyoncé. 

If I weren’t a lawyer … I’d be a revolutionary. 

When I win a case … I sleep for a week.

I almost quit the law … because of politics. I love what I do, but I worry about our country. I have a strong, loud and persuasive voice, and I wonder sometimes if I could make a bigger difference elsewhere. 

The SCOTUS justice I’d like to meet is … RBG. She is brilliant, ready, tenacious, and because of her, things are possible for women now that were unheard of before. 

The three people I’d invite to dinner are … Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and James Corden. 

On weekends I … tap into my inner hippie: farmers market, yoga, dance class.

My most bizarre talent is … I can say the states in ABC order.

My motto is … make the mistakes you are most comfortable with.

The last TV show I binge-watched was … The Night Manager.

My favorite word is … pick an expletive.

I am most inspired by … women who send a hand down to pull others up. I love seeing women succeed, but without using that success to help others, you have become what you abhor.

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