Articles Written by Bill Glose

‘I Wanted to Sue Everybody’

The arrest that made a lawyer out of Nina Ginsberg

Featuring Nina J. Ginsberg

Cruz Control

Levin & Gann’s first female managing partner keeps things steady with levelheaded …Featuring Debra B. Cruz

The Real Challenge

Like Tolstoy, Reeves Mahoney knows that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

Featuring Reeves W. Mahoney

‘Justice Ultimately Prevails’

Mark Cummings defended Mark Felt before the world learned he was Deep Throat

Featuring Mark D. Cummings

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Estate Planning

Steven Widdes lightened the mood with self-deprecating humor

Featuring Steven A. Widdes

A Star in Star City

Growing up on a tobacco farm, Brett Marston learned the value of hard work. Now he reaps the …Featuring K. Brett Marston

The Untouchables

Whether defending public enemy No.1 or Baltimore’s most reviled …Featuring Joshua R. Treem

Notes on How to Beat Claire Cardwell

But they won't work any better for you than they did for the feds

The Human Touch

Kerry D. Staton is such a good lawyer he almost bankrupted BaltimoreFeaturing Kerry D. Staton

The Kansas Peach

Ty Cobb, a distant relative of the famous ballplayer, is a big gun on whom powerful people rely

The Brain Behind Brain Injuries

Irvin Cantor brings light to the mysteries of traumatic brain injuryFeaturing Irvin V. Cantor

Media Player

Craig T. Merritt is the first lawyer to call in Virginia’s First Amendment casesFeaturing Craig T. Merritt

The Queen of Consensus

If you build it, disparate parties will come to the table. At least, they will for Deborah GarzaFeaturing Deborah A. Garza

Killing Them with Kindness

Plaintiff’s lawyers hate to face Donald L. DeVries Jr. in a courtroom because he is so darn niceFeaturing Donald L. DeVries, Jr.

In Brad Lerman’s Submarine

Fannie Mae’s general counsel has one rule for his legal ship—work together or perish together

Carter Country

In labor disputes, clients often bypass New York and Chicago firms to work with West Virginia’s …Featuring Mark A. Carter

Chasing the Issue

Caroline Ciraolo always liked numbers; but it’s her people skills that make her a top tax …Featuring Caroline D. Ciraolo

The Sharecropper’s Son

Colleagues say Ken Ravenell is one of the hardest-working lawyers in the state; but he says he …Featuring Kenneth W. Ravenell

Protecting a Global Brand

Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ Ken Siegel helps craft a corporate culture that is globally minded and …

The Can-Do Counsel

When Ann K. Sullivan rolls up her sleeves, problems get solved—by bake sale or legal briefFeaturing Ann K. Sullivan

Lien Machine

Deborah Hunt Devan is a stock speculator, a private investigator and a CEO; in other words, a …

A Colorful Phenomenon

Buddy Allen tells us where we are

Some Little Ol’ Lawyer in Rockville

For 50 years, Albert D. Brault has fought for the righteous cause; he also changed lawFeaturing Albert D. Brault

‘Brace for Impact’

Venable’s James Hanks Jr. was the last passenger out of Flight 1549Featuring James J. Hanks, Jr.

The Astounding Success of Plan B

James Theobald builds consensus so others can buildFeaturing James W. Theobald

Company Man

When it comes to advising leaders of industry, A. Gilchrist Sparks III is Excellence Incorporated

The Killer

When Stephen Haller raises and lowers his voice, people listenFeaturing Stephen P. Haller

Some Little Ol’ Lawyer in Rockville

For 50 years, Albert D. Brault has fought for the righteous causeFeaturing Albert D. Brault

The Lawyer’s Lawyer

Why Andrew Jay Graham believes any case can be wonFeaturing Andrew Jay Graham

Ed Ciarimboli is likable, he’s honorable and you can see it

He would be an engineer today except he enjoys people too muchFeaturing Edward J. Ciarimboli

Supreme Thrill

Three local lawyers get their day in the nation's highest court        Featuring Timothy A. Stoepker, …

Hail to the Self-Deprecating Chief

Jimmy Morris downplays his success; and that's a key to his success        

Arguing the Medicine

Heather Ellison handles med-mal defense delicately  Featuring Heather E. Zaug

Hanging Out Their Own Shingle

Meet five lawyers who decided to hire themselves  Featuring Melissa Cipriano, …

The Supreme Thrill

Seven Georgia attorneys talk about arguing before the High CourtFeaturing Laurie Webb Daniel, …

The Supreme Thrill

Seven Georgia attorneys talk about arguing before the High Court

Featuring Laurie Webb Daniel, …

The Amazing Snyder-Man

Stephen Snyder is the master of the nine-figure case; now he’s going for 10!!

Changing the Face of America

How Sheela Murthy went from immigrant to immigration lawyerFeaturing Sheela Murthy

Leap of Faith

Meet six young lawyers who took a deep breath and plunged into solo practice Featuring Michael A. Green, …

The Supreme Thrill

Four Virginia lawyers on arguing before the U.S. Supreme CourtFeaturing Anthony F. Troy, …

The Loudest

David Baugh fights to preserve the Constitution—including the rights of Klansmen and al-Qaida …Featuring David P. Baugh

The Supreme Thrill

Meet seven lawyers who have appeared in the Super Bowl of law

Featuring Peter Goldberger, …

The Supreme Thrill

What's it like to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court?

Featuring James E. Nesland, …

The Supreme Thrill

Six Maryland attorneys talk about arguing before the U.S. Supreme CourtFeaturing Lawrence S. Greenwald, …

The Self-Starter

How high school dropout Russell “Rusty” McGuire dropped back in, became the …

Going Over the Mountain

How John Charles Thomas overcame poverty and racism to become the first African-American …Featuring John Charles Thomas

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