Articles Written by Trevor Kupfer

How Health Care is Complying with Escobar

Seek legal counsel if you want to avoid government investigation and fines


Free Legal Advice for Twin Cities Landlords and Tenants

Housing court programs help low-income residents in Hennepin and Ramsey counties


An Empire of Concealed Assets

How Richard Goldberg and David Shuster got terminating sanctions in a bankruptcy case

Featuring Richard M. Goldberg, …

Signed, Sealed, Disputed: Noncompetes

How to resolve your noncompete agreement disputes in Massachusetts


What Speech Isn’t Protected?

Fighting words, inciting violence and hate speech in New England


They Give at the Office … Literally

Doug Sorocco helped turn Dunlap Codding’s law office into a free community-event …

Featuring Douglas J. Sorocco

Your Rights at 10,000 Feet

What an airline legally can and can’t do when it overbooks


I Was Discriminated Against. How Do I Prove It?

Your options in a Michigan workplace discrimination lawsuit


Shattering the ‘Two-Seater Mentality’

Pat Gillette wants firms to put more women and minorities in the board room

Featuring Patricia K. Gillette

Mind the Gender Pay Gap

Winning an equal pay discrimination suit against an employer is more possible than ever …


Sometimes When You Lose, You Still Win

A tough case turned into a pro bono passion for Kate DeVries Smith

Featuring Kate DeVries Smith

If You’re Injured on a Bike in Minnesota

Resolving insurance and legal issues in a cycling accident


In the Eye of a Legal Storm

Minnesotans’ rights when it comes to fighting insurance companies on severe weather …


Putting the Cards on the Table

Brent Cromley: Litigator. Mediator. Politician. Magician

Featuring Brent R. Cromley

The Blunt Truth About Running a Cannabis Business

Federal law still plays into marijuana entrepreneurship in Washington


Pulled Over for Pot

Washington’s laws for driving under the influence of marijuana


A Code of Confidence

Jennifer Compton is helping fight the gender gap in technology

Featuring Jennifer B. Compton

‘The Most Empowering Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Scott Tillett’s battle with substance abuse

Featuring Scott Tillett

The Council Counselor

Opportunity or obstacle? David Hyman helps clients deal with the government either way

Featuring David L. Hyman

’Round About 6 p.m. on Sunday

Outside the courtroom, you can catch Luther J. Battiste III spinning jazz on the radio

Featuring Luther J. Battiste, III

In the Lymelight

IP lawyer and biotech company co-founder Thomas Dunlap helped create a test for Lyme disease

Featuring Thomas M. Dunlap

Navigating the Maze of Workers' Comp

Attorneys help guide you through it


Post No Billable Hours

FisherBroyles replaces administrative equity decisions with a transparent formula

Featuring R. Bates Lovett, …

Diagnosis: Life

Alan Gurvey was given a second chance, and it’s been carpe diem ever since

Featuring Alan Gurvey

Fighting Insurance Companies When They Deny Your Medical Treatment

How to file an appeal and bad faith lawsuit in California


One Foot in the Future

Why Edelson PC takes its cues from tech startups

Featuring Jay Edelson

Tribulations About Trials

Whereby Judge Dodd gives young lawyers advice about ‘Wherebys’


State of Emergency

Mark C. Surprenant rallies fellow Louisiana bar members to improve access to justice

Featuring Mark C. Surprenant

Suing for Retaliation, If You Whistleblow While You Work

The process of a workplace retaliation lawsuit in Louisiana


Tech Support

How an early fascination with programming led Michael Oliver to computer law

Featuring Michael D. Oliver

Cleveland Calling

Zashin & Rich works to the beat of its own drum

Featuring Stephen S. Zashin, …

How Long Do I Have to Make a Malpractice Claim in Ohio?

The statute of limitations to file suit is quite short


A Game of Millimeters

In a past life, Nate Olson worked drug intelligence and served in Iraq

Featuring Nathan Olson

How to Ensure Your Vote Will Count in Wisconsin

What you need to know about your voting rights


Walking in Their Shoes

How Barone Defense Firm uses psychodrama to help clients cope with traumatic events

Featuring Patrick T. Barone

Clean Water Runs Deep

Mike Turco helps provide potable water to the communities that need it most

Featuring Michael R. Turco

Telling Their Stories

Lisa Lamm Bachman gives a voice to children and victims of domestic abuse

Featuring Lisa M. Lamm Bachman

What Happens to the House, the Car, the Dog?

How dividing assets typically works in a Minnesota divorce


The Next Evolution in Gaming Law

Dan Reaser’s legislation ushers in the era of skill-based gaming

Featuring Dan R. Reaser

Giving Back by Paying It Forward

Juan Enjamio helps fund a scholarship program for first-generation law students

Featuring Juan C. Enjamio

Oil and Water

The many routes McClellanville’s Lionel S. Lofton took before law

Featuring Lionel S. Lofton

Keeping Up with Jones

How a major in Spanish led Erin Jones to a career handling multimillion-dollar bankruptcy …

Featuring Erin E. Jones

A Little Humanity

Civil rights attorney Ron Kaye leads the charge against malfeasance in law enforcement

Featuring Ronald O. Kaye

An Easy Act to Follow

Lloyd E. Shefsky’s irregular path to consulting entrepreneurs around the world

Featuring Lloyd E. Shefsky

The French Connection

How IP attorney Brett A. August was knighted for enhancing relations between Paris and Chicago

Featuring Brett A. August

Romero & Romero

The Need of the Moment

Elder law and estate planning attorney Carole Cukell Neff on good pro bono work and bad actors

Featuring Carole Cukell Neff

Brew Crew

Milwaukee Brewers’ extra-base hits make wishes come true—and not just at Miller Park

Featuring Robert L. Habush

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