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For 14 years, Adam Wahlberg was executive editor of Minnesota Law & Politics before taking over as editor in chief of its spinoff publication Super Lawyers. He is a Minneapolis-based writer who never misses a Wilco concert and always roots for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Articles written by Adam Wahlberg

Q&A With Paul D’Amato

Plaintiff’s lawyer Paul D’Amato of D’Amato Law Firm in Linwood on building pyramids, walking three feet above the ground and practicing with his daughter Alexa

You have handled more than 30,000 personal injury cases. How did you get started in that type of law? I was here when the casinos were being built in Atlantic City, and hotels had construction accidents, and I just started handling those type of cases. The first one was a minor one at Caesars Hotel & Casino. A young fellow, carpenter, broke his leg. The next significant one was at Showboat Hotel & Casino, a part of the parking garage had collapsed, and then it went on and on and on from …

Magic Johnson

In 2000, Channing Johnson helped a church buy the Forum, and his life changed forever

Channing Johnson had no idea why Bishop Kenneth Ulmer was calling him. He didn’t know the man. Johnson is a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles; he is used to getting messages from guys in suits, not robes. Still, a bishop calls, you call him back. They agreed to meet over breakfast, and Ulmer dropped his bombshell before the bacon arrived. “He told me he wanted to buy the Forum and he wanted my take on it,” Johnson says. Wait. What? The Forum? Where the Lakers used to play? That’s the one. …

Q&A: Roy DeCaro

The keys to trying a case

Roy DeCaro has tried more than 200 jury trials during his career, first as a prosecutor and now as a plaintiff's attorney at Raynes McCarty. He has earned millions of dollars in awards for his clients and placed many criminals behind bars, all thanks to his outsized gift for persuasion. We asked him to take us inside his process.   When did you decide you wanted to be a trial lawyer? When I saw To Kill a Mockingbird in high school. I wanted to be Atticus Finch.   What does it take …

Q&A: Tom Salerno

Tom Salerno on saving hospitals, handling obnoxious lawyers and earning blood wings

Tom Salerno of Squire Sanders has worked on financial restructurings in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland and many other places. In his spare time he jumps out of airplanes. He tells us what he's learned and why he does what he does.   What drew you to law? From watching trial shows on TV such as Perry Mason. I come from a working-class background, and the idea of wearing a suit to work intrigued me. I was also intrigued by the power that lawyers seem to have in their …

Q&A with Steven Kunzman

Super Lawyers: When did you decide to be a lawyer? Steven Kunzman: I'm a third-generation lawyer. My grandfather started practicing law in 1913, and was subsequently joined by three of his brothers, actually. My father joined them whenever that was, I guess in the early '50s, and then I came along.   What kind of law do you practice? Mostly environmental, predominantly environmental litigation, some environmental transactional work. I received a master's of environmental law from Vermont …

Attack of the 20-Foot Lawyers

10 legal movies worth the rental

Since the days of D.W. Griffith, courtrooms have been one of Hollywood's favorite settings for drama. Think of it, all the elements of a good movie can be found there: heroic protagonists, scheming villains, intricate plot twists, surprise endings, sturdy bailiffs. For your viewing pleasure, the staff at Super Lawyers dimmed the lights, loaded up on Jujyfruits, and maxed out our Blockbuster membership cards to come up with this: our ranking of the 10 best legal movies of all time. 1. To Kill a …

From the Barbershop to the Courtroom

Bernard Smalley of Anapol Schwartz on cutting hair, making arguments and watching waves  

What was your first job? I grew up working in my father's barbershop, Smalley's Barbershop in West Philadelphia. There were folks from all walks of life who came in, some of whom were stevedores who worked on the docks, some of whom were high school educated, less than high school educated, and others, one in particular, who became one of my mentors: William H. Hastie, the first African American to become chief judge of a federal court of appeals in the United States. At the time, he was coming …

Four Out of Five Dentists Recommend Candy Barr Heimbach

Most dentists would advise steering clear of candy bars, but not in this case.

Most dentists would advise steering clear of candy bars, but not in this case. A Super Lawyer who specializes in medical and dental malpractice defense at Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin in Bethlehem, Candy Barr Heimbach is often their best …

Attack of the 20-Foot Lawyers

100 legal movies worth the rental

Since the days of D.W. Griffith, courtrooms have been one of Hollywood’s favorite settings for drama.Think of it, all the elements of a good movie can be found there: heroic protagonists, scheming villains, intricate plot twists, surprise endings, sturdy bailiffs. For your viewing pleasure, the staff at Texas Super Lawyers dimmed the lights, loaded up on Jujyfruits, and maxed out our Blockbuster membership cards to come up with this: our ranking of the 100 best legal movies …

Law School: The Movie

At the University of Texas, watching is learning

Law students at the University of Texas are just like students anywhere, except for one notable difference. When they want to ingratiate themselves to a professor, they don’t bring an apple to class. They bring popcorn. At the UT Law School, watching movies is as much a part of the curriculum as reading Corbin on Contracts or Prosser on Torts. According to its Web site, the school’s Tarlton Law Library boasts around 650 law-related films, from The Verdict and To Kill …

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