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If It Can Be Tried In Front of a Jury, Mark Tanner Can Do It

At 39, medical malpractice attorney Mark Tanner became one of the youngest fellows in the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. He was just getting started

“Spinal surgery is complex but this case is simple,” Mark Tanner tells the jury at the opening of a medical malpractice case one Monday in late January. “Four years ago, Earl Williams lay face down on an operating table.” Tanner waves toward his client, a stout 53-year-old man whose ramrod-straight stiffness demonstrates his physical discomfort after the flubbed procedure. Tanner’s tone remains straightforward. “The doctor learned of his devastating mistake,” he says, “and …

The Partner

Lynne Gold-Bikin on saving, and ending, marriages  

If you find yourself sitting next to Lynne Gold-Bikin on your next flight, don't plan on getting much reading done. "You know how you always swear undying love to the person who sits next to you on the plane?" asks the senior partner of WolfBlock's family law practice group, leaning forward in an elegant upholstered chair in her Norristown office. She's telling the story of a plane trip she took in 1993. She was approaching her term as chairperson of the ABA's family law section and thinking …

Heart of a Lyons

A trained social worker as well as a lawyer, Theresa Lyons preaches compassion

There’s a 1976 case that anyone who practices law or works in a mental health field knows: Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California. Tanya Tarasoff was a 19-year-old student at the University of California, Berkeley, who was killed by a man who previously divulged his murderous impulses to his psychologist. Two months after the disclosure, the man killed Tarasoff, and her family filed a wrongful-death suit against the psychologist’s employer, the University of California. The …

Czech Mate

Need the name of a good restaurant in Bratislava? Frederick Frank is your man

In the eight years Frederick Frank has spent traveling between Pittsburgh and Slovakia, he has seen some major changes. “You only need look at Bratislava,” he says. “It was always a beautiful city, but now it has all the amenities of a strong multinational economy.” Frank, a partner at the Pittsburgh firm Frank, Bails, Murcko, Gubinsky & Gale, is partly responsible for the city’s transformation.  In 1999, President Clinton nominated Frank to be one of three directors of the …

Assist Leader

Peter Tucci could have raked in the presents for his 40th birthday. Instead, he helped Dikembe Mutombo build a hospital in the Congo

Last September, basketball star Dikembe Mutombo made his way up to the 49th floor of Philadelphia’s One Liberty. He stooped to fold his 7-foot-2-inch frame through the conference room door, where a group of DLA Piper attorneys had gathered to hear his plans to build the Congo’s first newly equipped medical facility in 40 years. Peter Tucci called the meeting and had only one request of his colleagues: no autographs. They respected his wishes at first. But once the question-and-answer period …

A Stern Talking To

Elizabeth Espin Stern has used the diplomatic skills she learned from her father to become a top business immigration lawyer

For Elizabeth Espin Stern, leaving the firm where she had practiced for 19 years wasn’t easy. The firm had nurtured her from green associate to polished partner. It’s where she had met her husband. It’s where she felt comfortable. But her father, a career diplomat, had always told her that a difficult decision is an opportunity in disguise. And this one felt right.   “I knew it was time to come [to Baker & McKenzie],” Stern says, “but it felt like I was running away …

Ready for Her Close-Up

Sally Mattison has gone from working behind the camera for Hollywood legend Roger Corman to brokering deals for entertainers

Directorial credit for Slumber Party Massacre 3 is not a typical résumé item for a lawyer. But then, Priscilla (Sally) Mattison is not a typical lawyer.   Given her background as a honcho in the film industry, you might expect Mattison to rock a Hollywood vibe. But she’s decidedly low-key. Dressed for a sweltering July day in a loose-fitting blue-and-white sundress and sandals, the 46-year-old Mattison is more interested in getting attention for her clients — musicians, …

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