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A Commitment to Justice

Karen Long aims to keep school districts compliant with Title IX

In 1996, an Owasso father had had enough. While the high school’s baseball team faced other teams in a modern stadium complete with an electronic scoreboard, its softball team played its games on a dirt field a few miles from the school. Just one year after the firefighter’s daughter and her softball team—the Lady Rams—won the state softball championship, he filed a suit against the Owasso School District, alleging violation of Title IX. It was Karen Long’s job to defend the district …

Defending Monsanto

David Snively doesn’t mind the stress

Monsanto Co. will always have its antagonists. That means David Snively will always have his, too. As senior vice president, secretary and general counsel of the agricultural biotechnology giant, he is conditioned to the pressure that comes with the job. “Monsanto is a place for those who thrive on the cutting edge,” Snively says. “One of the first questions I ask in an interview is, ‘Can you handle the stress?’ Working for Monsanto is no easy retirement route. To survive you need to …

An Appetite for Deduction

Mary Quinn Cooper, born trial lawyer        

Spend five minutes with Mary Quinn Cooper and you will thank your lucky stars that you're merely chatting from the other side of a conference room table rather than locking horns in a courtroom. Five minutes is all you need to pick up on the chutzpah that she radiates, the sheer grit and determination. Her decisiveness was apparent as early as her freshman year in high school, when Cooper decided she was going to be a lawyer. Never mind the fact that there were no attorneys in the family, no …

High Plains Lawyer

Clark Brewster isn’t afraid to kick up some dust for his clients

It’s easy to see the country boy in Tulsa attorney Clark Brewster. He’s a compact, solidly built man, 50 years old, with reddish-blond hair and prominent features that crease often and effortlessly into a charming smile. He grew up on a dairy farm in rural Michigan, where life was strictly regulated by the demands of a family-owned operation. “There was no time off,” he remembers. “Every day of the year, 365 days a year, the cows had to be milked. Hard work was a necessity, not an …

The Right Man for the Job

The law was Robert Ritter's destiny

Some people know what their life's work is going to be without any question or struggle. Others have it literally shoved down their throats. St. Louis attorney Robert Ritter attended the University of Kansas in the 1960s. An athletic man then -- and still fit and well-tuned in his early 60s -- Ritter played catcher for his fraternity baseball team. One game, a batter knocked a pop fly high over home plate and Ritter stepped out to catch it. The batter took off for first base, flinging the bat …

Center of the Storm

Stephen Jones invited controversy when he decided to represent Timothy McVeigh in 1995. And he isn’t done with the case yet.

Today Stephen Jones’ office is a calm haven compared to the chaos that swirled around him a decade ago. The walls of the oldfashioned, wood-paneled room on the 11th floor of the Broadway Tower Building in downtown Enid are covered with diplomas, plaques, awards and autographed photos of political and media celebrities. Sturdy tomes line the shelves behind the solid desk that anchors the center of the room. The inlaid leather surface is cluttered with curios — busts, carvings, …

The Aviator

James Cooling’s father was an aviation pioneer; he is a pioneer in aviation law

In 1950 when James Cooling was 7 years old and living in Milwaukee, he had an experience that stays with him to this day. “We lived near General Billy Mitchell Field,” Cooling recalls. “It was the first time I ever heard a jet aircraft take off. The roar, the thrust, the power. I stood out in the yard, staring into the sky. I’ve never forgotten it. It was as if I had a kind of premonition that my life would somehow be associated with that sound.” Today Cooling is the managing partner …

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