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Marin-ating the Law

Michael Marin fights for fairness, whether his client is a huge corporation or the average Texas juror

A few years ago Austin trial attorney Michael D. Marin noticed that Texas had a hard time attracting jurors—particularly Hispanics and other ethnic minorities—and he recognized this as a danger to the state’s system of justice. He blamed the problem on the fact that jurors received only $6 a day, which did not allow them to serve without financial hardship. So he went into action to find a solution. Now, thanks to Marin’s efforts, since January 1, 2006, juror pay rose for the first time …

To Baghdad and Back

Where the military is, there is Stephen Karns

A photograph of Stephen P. Karns on his Web site shows him clad in combat gear, sporting body armor and a helmet against a backdrop of barbed wire, looking like a soldier in the combat zone. In fact, he was a lawyer in the combat zone.   In 2004, Karns traveled to Baghdad as civilian counsel to Armin Cruz, a military intelligence soldier accused of abuses in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Karns secured for Cruz one of the lowest sentences—eight months—of those connected with the scandal. …

The Cheerleader’s Mom Murder Case and other Tales

Terri Zimmermann learned her chops in the Military

It's late afternoon and former prosecutor Terri R. Zimmermann feels invigorated by a positive outcome she secured for a client only hours earlier. Her client, a soldier deployed to Iraq, returned home for R&R leave, failed to go back and was charged with desertion. Facing a possible 12 months of confinement, he wound up being sentenced to only 145 days. "That was a victory for me," says Zimmermann, 39, who has already had her share of victories and famous cases. She was new to Zimmermann …

Baptism By Fire in the Governor's Mansion

How could Bill Jones prepare for space shuttle debris and executions?

Imagine starting a new job and, as one of your first official duties, having to tell the new president of the United States what he can and cannot do.   “It was an eye-opening experience,” says Bill Jones, 47.   Jones served as Rick Perry’s general counsel when George W. Bush headed to Washington, D.C., to become the nation’s 43rd president, leaving his lieutenant governor to become Texas’ 47th governor. With a president-elect occupying the Texas governor’s mansion, novel legal …

The Pill Mill Killer

Erin Nealy Cox is leading the fight against Internet drug dealers

Like many teenagers, 18-year-old Ryan Haight of La Mesa, Calif., was intimately familiar with the workings of the Internet. So when Haight, an honor roll student and avid baseball card collector, went searching for drugs, he didn’t go to the back streets of the inner city; he went to the digital highways of the Internet. Haight was looking for prescription drugs and he knew what many adults do not — that such drugs are readily available over the Web. Haight went to an Internet pharmacy site …

Bliss on Life

For former POW Ronald Bliss, every moment matters

For lawyers accustomed to billing their time by the quarter-hour, 2,374 around-the-clock days would seem like a fair amount of time. But for Houston attorney Ronald G. Bliss, 60, a partner in Fulbright & Jaworski’s Intellectual Property & Technology department, the time he spent as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, from September 4, 1966, to March 4, 1973, seemed like an eternity. Subjected to torture, lengthy spells of solitary confinement, and demoralizing living …

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