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Janet Leiser is an editor, reporter and marketing manager who has worked at a variety of publications, and whose areas of expertise include business, real estate, education and law. She was awarded the Green Eyeshade Award while at the Tampa Bay Business Journal. A graduate of the University of South Florida, she now freelances in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Articles written by Janet Leiser

Age Discrimination is Rampant, Difficult to Prove

New York employment attorneys explain age discrimination

You’re about to lose your job and you suspect you may be replaced with someone younger. How can you tell if it’s an age discrimination lawsuit? “It happens a lot in overall restructuring,” says Allyson L. Belovin, an employment and labor lawyer at Levy Ratner in New York City. “When mostly older people are let go and younger employees are promoted, it sends up red flags and identifies victims of age discrimination.” If you and at least one other employee have lost your jobs in the …

What to Do if You're Pulled Over for a DUI

What happens when the blues and reds flash

More than a million motorists in the U.S. are jailed each year on charges of driving under the influence. They face harsh penalties—from jail time to the loss of driving privileges to the loss of a job. Then there’s the money. The average cost of a first DUI arrest is an estimated $10,000, including court costs and legal fees, says Jonathan Blecher, a Miami criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUI law. More important than the financial cost, of course, is the danger of driving while …

What Happens in Personal Injury Class Action Lawsuits in Florida

What to do when you’re part of a group of injured parties

You’re watching TV or surfing the internet when an ad appears, urging consumers who have used a certain product to call a law firm’s 800-number. Or, more likely, you receive a notice in the mail. The letter in the mail is probably about a class action, while the TV ad is most likely for multidistrict litigation. “It’s confusing,” says Philip A. Gold, who handles MDL cases at Gold & Gold in Miami, “because the processes both deal with numerous claims arising out of a single …

Getting a Divorce in South Florida

Keeping your fate in your own hands and not the court's

For many South Florida divorce attorneys, the first face-to-face talk with a client is about establishing realistic expectations. “Some people come in really hoping the legal system will change their spouse or right an injustice they’ve experienced,” says West Palm Beach family law attorney Odette Marie Bendeck. “The emotional overload a party may be experiencing as a divorce begins and progresses can make it painful to hear the ‘reality check.’” Jeffrey A. Weissman, a family law …

Living the Dream

How Susan T. Kumagai rose from a disadvantaged childhood to co-found a thriving employment law firm

Most days, Susan T. Kumagai is in the office by 5:30 a.m., ready to put in many long hours defending employers and doing ERISA work. It’s a grueling schedule, and one that doesn’t leave much room for outside pursuits. She doesn’t mind. She considers her life a dream—the American one. Her journey, which began in one of California’s poorest neighborhoods, eventually led to the top of one of the state’s most successful minority-owned law firms. Kumagai, a third-generation …

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