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Jessica Centers Glynn is a writer and teacher in Denver, Colorado. She earned her journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and her award-winning reporting has also appeared in The Anniston Star and Westword.

Articles written by Jessica Glynn

What to Do if Your Employer’s Disability Insurer Rejects Your Claim

Florida attorneys share insights on the insurance appeal process

Filing any disability claim—and especially disputing a denial—can be daunting. “People don’t know where to begin,” says Geannina Burgos of the Dabdoub Law Firm in Coral Gables, who represents employees in disputes with employer-sponsored disability insurance companies. “Even though, statistically, one out of four people have to file some type of disability claim in their lifetime.” What Does Disability Insurance Cover? Employers do not have to provide short- or long-term …

What Laws Apply When Sailing on a Cruise Ship?

New York attorneys explain how the rules are different on the high seas

As many travelers re-boarded cruise ships last year, the mom of Heather Ragone, a transportation & maritime lawyer at Gallo Vitucci Klar in New York City, was among them. She arrived at port in mid-October, for a cruise out of New York, with her negative COVID-19 test and fully completed vaccine card in hand. But the CDC had ended its program monitoring case numbers on cruise ships. Likewise, restrictions around masks or quarantining the sick in their cabins were by then a thing of the …

Fighting Long-Term Care Abuse in Colorado

How to guard against nursing home abuse or neglect, and what to do if it occurs

As a lawyer who has sued nursing homes for abuse and neglect, Anna Holland Edwards can give advice on how to prove such claims, but she knows it’s more important to first talk about how to prevent the kinds of cases she sees most often: wrongful death. “I see a lot of preventable deaths, especially falls, a lot of infections that are caught really late, and dehydration,” says the civil rights and wrongful death attorney at Holland, Holland Edwards & Grossman in Denver. “Lawsuits are …

The Multifaceted Dr. Funk

Renaissance man Markus Funk on Kosovo, the Casino trials, and the battle against human trafficking

When Dr. T. Markus Funk stood in a packed courtroom in downtown Chicago in 2007 to deliver a five-hour closing argument in the biggest mob murder prosecution in U.S. history, he knew the long line of onlookers wasn’t there to see him. They wanted to catch a glimpse of Frank Calabrese Sr. and the other mobsters made famous by Martin Scorsese in Casino, who were being prosecuted for the same brutal homicides the movie depicted. “It’s a weird thing, but people fawn over these guys,” he …

Factors that Can Make or Break an M&A Deal

Georgia mergers and acquisitions experts give tips

Erica Opitz once represented the owner of a chemical company who spent 30 years building his business. He was, she says, a “big picture guy.” When he decided to sell, due diligence turned out to be a challenge. “He was not the most organized person,” says Opitz, a mergers and acquisitions attorney at Chamberlain Hrdlicka in Atlanta. “Throughout the whole process, he’d be like, ‘I visited my mom’s house and found this box of contracts in the basement,’ or ‘Look, I found this …

‘I Was Lucky’

Danny Abir’s journey from Iran to building law firms

Danny Abir says he wouldn’t change a thing. Not fleeing Iran at age 16 to avoid being drafted into a war, and leaving behind his family and everything he knew. Not those first lonely years in the U.S., and working full-time through undergrad, law school and two LLMs. Not even the failed law partnership that left him restarting in his 40s. “Everything in my life has a reason,” he says of the long road toward founding Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo. “I believe true happiness is finding what you …

Merging Risks and Rewards in New York

What to look for—and look out for—in your merger or acquisition

You’ve built a successful business and now there’s an acquisition on the horizon with a nice payday to reward the fruits of your labor. But don’t plan that getaway just yet; lawyers focusing on mergers and acquisitions say now’s the time to work harder than ever. Running Your Business During the M&A Transaction “You’ve got to continue to run your business during a prospective sale process,” says Kenneth M. Silverman, an M&A attorney at Olshan Frome Wolosky in Manhattan. …

Press Briefing

Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma loved being a reporter; he just wanted a deeper dive

In 1992, decades before he’d take on the Drug Enforcement Agency as a criminal defense attorney, Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma had a source leak him a DEA file linking a prominent Mexican politician to drug trafficking and the murder of a journalist. Just 24 years old and a few months into his job as a reporter at an English-language newspaper in Mexico City, the Boston native wrote it up and submitted it to his editor three days before its subject would be elected governor of Puebla. The paper’s …

First Served

Sam Alba’s long and storied legal legacy

In the midst of Sam Alba’s two-decade tenure as Utah’s first Latino federal judge, he was assigned preliminary work on a racketeering case in which a Black female assistant U.S. attorney was prosecuting a dozen white supremacists. Among their accused crimes: seven attempted murders on behalf of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, a gang that allegedly ran a methamphetamine ring throughout Utah. Those charged were already serving time in state prison, and Alba had decided to keep them there. …

The Full Perspective

Pamela Price has been lawyer, plaintiff and defendant. Next up: Alameda County D.A.?

Stand and deliver. That was the mantra ringing in Pamela Price’s ears as she sat before the U.S. Supreme Court in January 2002, waiting to deliver arguments in National Railroad Passenger Corporation v. Morgan, a case to determine whether plaintiffs suing their employers for a pattern of discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 could include claims that would otherwise be time-barred. After cert was granted, Price received numerous solicitations from seasoned …

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