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A Rare Breed

Talking bull with Sherry Fabina-Abney

Sherry Fabina-Abney, a partner at Ice Miller in Indianapolis, works until the cows come home. Then she goes home to them. As she drives up the long, crunchy gravel road leading to her elegant home perched atop a hill in rural Johnson County, Fabina-Abney is greeted by her family's herd of purebred Belted Galloway cattle. It's a rare breed, indeed. According to the Belted Galloway Society, there are only approximately 14,000 registered Belties in the United States, belonging to about 1,000 …

Café au Laity

Shokrina Beering journeys to Panama to assist the Guaymi Indians

It’s a jungle out there. That thought and many others occurred to Shokrina Radpour Beering as she rode with her family through pastoral Central America to the Panama Christian Evangelism’s (PCE) mission near Boquete in the northwestern region of Panama. Beering serves as general counsel for the not-for-profit PCE, which serves many of the 125,000 members of the indigenous Guaymi Indian tribe who live on the “comarca,” or reservation. Beering spent two weeks in July 2005 at the mission …

Scales of Justice

Bryce Bennett heads up his firm and his firm’s rock band

The lawyers at Riley Bennett & Egloff march to the beat of their own drummer. He also happens to be one of the firm’s name partners. Along with fellow partners John Egloff, Don Smith and Ray Seach, Bryce Bennett Jr. hits the skins in an all-lawyer band that was formed in 1991. They play classic rock tunes at office parties and social functions, and practice in the firm’s basement. “Our band is called Attractive Nuisance,” says Bennett, a business litigator. “But with all the …

For Whom The Road Tolls

Steve Humke was instrumental to the creation of the groundbreaking lease of the Indiana Toll Road

Steve Humke knows a little something about working in the trenches. He found employment as a ditch-digger on summer breaks during college. And he worked long and hard as the lead counsel for the Indiana Finance Authority’s $3.8 billion, 75-year lease of the 157-mile Indiana Toll Road. The 46-year-old Ice Miller attorney wrote the contract that leased the public road––which connects Chicago and the Ohio Turnpike, and has been called “The Main Street of the Midwest”––to …

Kirsh's Kids

Kirsh has found loving homes for nearly 2,500 babies and children

When friends asked Steven M. Kirsh to find them a baby they could adopt, he was a general practitioner with no adoption experience. But Kirsh took up the challenge. He met with the director of every abortion clinic in Indianapolis and spread the word to doctors and lawyers that he was looking for a baby.   As it turns out, his efforts were unnecessary. “While trying to find a baby for them, my friends ended up conceiving against a million to one odds!” he says. “But I found out …

Levin's List

Irwin Levin holds Swiss banks accountable for Holocaust restitution

Indianapolis Holocaust survivor Mike Blain has high praise for attorney Irwin Levin’s dedication to seeking justice. Blain is a direct beneficiary of Levin’s several-year legal battle with a consortium of Swiss banks, which allegedly controlled valuables and assets stolen from Holocaust victims by Nazis. In 2000, the banks made restitution to Holocaust victims, survivors or their heirs in the amount of $1.25 billion.   Blain has received settlement checks totaling $8,000. “Money can’t …

Cliff Notes

For Cliff Browning, sailing offers a break from the bustle

Cliff Browning, the youthful-looking, 54-year-old partner of Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett & Henry dreamed of being a trial lawyer while watching “Perry Mason” as a kid growing up in Aurora, Illinois. “I wanted to be like Perry Mason, arguing in court for good versus evil,” laughs Browning.   But the only son of Phyllis and Paxton Browning never actually expected that he would become a lawyer because good vs. evil wasn’t on his father’s plate. “M’m! M’m! Good” was. …

Are Lawyers Taking Over Indiana?

More and more, the top echelons of business and government are being filled by lawyers

When Clarian Health Partners needed to settle the bureaucratic turf wars that arose during the state’s biggest health merger, they tapped Baker and Daniels senior partner Daniel F. Evans Jr. When the late Governor Frank O’Bannon needed someone to direct traffic at the State Department of Transportation, he chose J. Bryan Nicol from the attorney general’s office, who rewarded him with the innovative Hyperfix. When Bart Peterson needed help with his mayoral campaign, he called on …

Lawyer of Invention

Loving Frank Zappa ... and the law

“Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love, love is not music. Music is the best.” —Frank Zappa, “Joe’s Garage,” 1979 It pays to be a devoted fan. At least it did for Bose McKinney & Evans entertainment law attorney Craig Pinkus, who was first a hard-core fan of rock artist Frank Zappa, and then his lawyer. In the 1950s, Pinkus discovered for himself that “music is the best” when he was a 13-year-old, …

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