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The Two Sides to the Story

Former prosecutor Noah Pines now works criminal defense

If Noah Pines felt any conflict about defending the type of person he once prosecuted, he’s resolved it. “Originally I wondered if I could do this,” says the former DeKalb County prosecutor. “But the truth is, many of these people are innocent. We want to believe our criminal justice system wouldn’t allow that to happen, but it does.” He points to the case of Clarence Harris, who was sentenced to life for a rape that DNA later proved he didn’t commit.   Pines now sees that not …

Judge, Lawyer, DJ

Althea Buafo explains all—including the Mohawk

Chiquita Biggins was a teenager accused of drowning her newborn baby. Jerry Galloway was an off-duty Macon police officer charged with sexual assault. The two defendants couldn’t have been more different, yet they shared one thing: Sitting at the defense table during their respective trials was attorney Althea Buafo.   The role of a zealous, hard-nosed defender seems incongruous for the soft-spoken, petite attorney. But make no mistake — her passion and dedication combine to make a …

The Big Brother

William K. Whitner’s schedule makes yours look like a girly-man’s

William K. Whitner doesn’t wait for opportunity to knock; he goes ahead and starts checking all the doors. At the tender age of 34, Whitner has mastered the art of seizing opportunities and working them to his advantage. The commercial litigator with Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, has earned a reputation for being not only a skilled legal practitioner but also someone with a knack for turning ideas into highly successful business enterprises, forming, among other things, …

Travelin' Man

Tom Harrold has not only picked up 2.3 million frequent flyer miles during his travels, he’s also become friends with Helmut and Mikhail

The afternoon sun streams through the office window in the gleaming midtown high-rise. The decor is sleek, stylish, professional — clearly the home of someone who’s no stranger to success. As expected, the man behind the desk fits that description. He has a thriving practice and is well regarded in his profession. But he just can’t stop bragging — about his daughter.   “She’s my pride and joy. Graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth. Went to Yale medical school and is now working …

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