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The Wild Blue Yawn-der

Flying jets? For Robert Held, estate law is more exciting

Robert Held laughs when asked about leaving behind the thrills of flying jets for his current full-time focus on trust and estate law. "I know that it always sounds like the grass is greener on the other side," says Held, 51, who was a pilot for an international airline throughout law school and during the first seven years of his legal career. "The truth is that airline flying is exceedingly boring. If you pilot a flight to Europe, you have a minute or two during takeoff where it's …

The Guy From the West End of Milwaukee

Mike Jones is the public face of Milwaukee’s most iconic product

No matter where Mike Jones goes in Milwaukee, he can see his past.  Watching the Brewers at Miller Park recalls the time he worked as a broom pusher at old County Stadium, sweeping up empty beer cups and hot dog wrappers. The commute to his job at Miller Brewing Company headquarters makes him think about how he used to make the same trip in the early 1980s, via bus, heading west from Marquette Law School, for $9.50 an hour and the promise of three free cases of beer a month. Even leaving his …

You Can Put Fox in the Hall, YES!

How Gordon B. Nash Jr. advocated for White Sox great Nellie Fox

White Sox fan Gordon B. Nash Jr. can’t hide his enthusiasm about the 2005 baseball season. “It was as much fun as I’ve ever had in terms of entertainment,” says Nash, a partner at Gardner Carton & Douglas since 1978. “We’re still enjoying the World Series title around here.” Fans from all walks of life took great joy in the South Side Hitmen winning their first championship since 1917, and it was no different in the city’s legal community, where Nash and a group …

Justice at Abu Ghraib

Since 9/11, Shereef Akeel has fought for American Muslims; but his biggest case is a class action lawsuit on behalf of the prisoners of Abu Ghraib

As the long chartered flight neared its destination, Shereef Akeel peered out the window at the Iraqi landscape below. He noted a lone road cutting through the desert and tried to imagine what Baghdad would be like. Eventually he saw a caravan of cars and trucks on the pavement below and wondered aloud why everyone was traveling together. “To avoid being hijacked,” an Iraqi on the plane answered. At that moment the pilot’s voice crackled over the loudspeaker. “Just want to let you guys …

Drawing (Intellectual) Property Lines

Joseph Beck fought to preserve Dr. King’s dream; now he’s fighting for Google’s

One wouldn’t expect to find a painting of a horse wearing a business suit in one of the largest firms in Atlanta, but it hangs outside the door of Joseph Beck’s office in Kilpatrick Stockton’s midtown building.   Beck, a member of the firm’s art acquisition committee, selected the painting by artist Kojo Griffin, and when it appeared colleagues poked fun at the selection for its offbeat style. But a few weeks later Beck was flipping through the pages of The New York Times when he read …

Milwaukee's Prosecutor

After 37 years as Milwaukee’s district attorney, E.Michael McCann keeps going ... and going ...

E. Michael McCann is sitting in a law library on the top floor of Milwaukee’s Safety Building. He says he likes doing his interviews up here. His office? Too cluttered.   McCann’s preferred surroundings are less than plush. There are no stained-oak furnishings, no whirring coffee machines, no conference tables that cost as much as a BMW. Instead there are several bookshelves, each stacked with well-worn law volumes. Metal chairs, straight from the Eisenhower era, surround an ordinary …

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