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Michigan Workers’ Comp Laws: Avoid Adding Insult to Injury

An employer guide to navigating Michigan workers’ compensation laws

Successful businesses focus on workplace safety, but accidents can happen in even the safest work environment. When they do, the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act is triggered. “In Michigan, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system designed to provide benefits to injured workers, without regard to the negligence of the injured individual,” says Nick Risko, a workers’ comp attorney at Bleakley, Cypher, Parent, Warren & Quinn in Grand Rapids. “The goal of the …

California’s New Pay Transparency Laws

What they mean for job postings and reporting pay scale data

California’s lawmakers have embraced the so-called “era of transparency.” The state’s recently enacted pay transparency law (Senate Bill No. 1162), which became effective January 1, 2023, requires pay scale disclosures and enhanced pay data reporting—plus a decent amount of additional employer leg work and record-keeping. “The overall intent is to allow for the adjustment of inequities in the workplace—both intentional and stereotypical,” says Richard Rybicki, an employment and …

Payback is an Employment Right in Colorado

What workers are due when it comes to wages, overtime and more

While the laws covering employee wages may seem fairly straightforward, certain situations can complicate things. What happens when federal, state or local laws don’t agree—which takes precedent? What happens beyond 40 hours a week—doesn’t that call for overtime pay? What about sick time, vacation days and retirement plans after leaving a job? Luckily, employment attorneys with experience in wage-and-hour law are here to break it all down. Minimum Wage Laws Wage-related matters are …

What Does Reasonable Accommodation Mean for Employers?

Tips on discrimination laws in the workplace

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA), employers can neither refuse to hire qualified individuals based on a disability nor refuse to provide a reasonable accommodation enabling the completion of essential job functions. “The ADA stops the employer from assuming that, because of a disability, an individual cannot do the job,” says Heather Becker, an employment litigator at Laner Muchin in Chicago. “It goes even further [than hiring …

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