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Meagan Francis is the founder of Life, Listened, a podcast production company and creative services agency that helps others tell audio stories. She is co-host of The Mom Hour podcast, has authored four books, and regularly contributes articles about lifestyle, health, business, travel, and parenting to national publications.

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Reflections on the Bar

Tom Cranmer tells what he’s learned as president of the Michigan Bar Association

Early in his career, Thomas W. Cranmer faced a fashion emergency. While working with the federal prosecutor’s office on a high-profile case involving allegations of corruption in a Detroit-area police department, an urgent family matter prevented the senior attorney handling the case from attending the rest of the trial — and Cranmer had to step in. The young attorney did not yet own many suits, and he rotated the few he had. During the federal prosecutor’s case, his nervousness sped up …

Five Steps to Prevent Identity Theft

An attorney shares tips on how to avoid becoming an identity theft victim

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), more than 1 million people reported being victims of identity theft in 2022 alone. Thieves obtain personal data—including driver’s license numbers, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers—in many ways, from stealing wallets to monitoring online purchases and phishing scams. With a Social Security number, identity thieves can open lines of credit or make purchases in your name. Worse, victims often don’t know identity thieves have …

What Happens if Your Ex-Spouse Leaves the State and Isn't Paying Spousal Support?

It could be difficult to get the non-paying spouse into court

When Jane Maharam’s ex-husband, Robert Maharam, left the state with the married couple’s assets—including $4 million the court had ordered him in 1983 to pay Jane—she had few options under current law. “You could sue in a New York court, but [the other spouse] doesn’t have to show up,” says Michael Stutman, a family law and divorce attorney with Alter Wolff Foley & Stutman in New York City. “The most that could happen is that a warrant for their arrest would be issued in New …

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