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The Dealmaker

Don’t misbehave on Aasia Mustakeem’s watch

On a conference call discussing the sale of a health care facility in Dallas, a Texas attorney once tried to bully his way through a commercial real estate deal with attorney Aasia Mustakeem. At one point, he actually told her to shut up. “Excuse me?” she responded. He repeated it. Was this a trap? she wondered. Maybe something to get her flustered and enhance his side of the deal? “Excuse me, what have I done to deserve that?” Mustakeem responded. “If you don’t apologize right now, …

The Path NOT Cleared

B.J. Bernstein fights mandatory minimums and keeps clients prayed up—and that has made all the difference

Genarlow Wilson devoured the books but wasn’t allowed to keep them. He was in prison and there were rules. His librarian, B.J. Bernstein, who was also his lawyer, kept sending titles to him, and once he was finished reading them he would donate the books to the prison library. She didn’t give him just any books; she gave him books about faith and hope and crisis, and books that required imagination: The Purpose-Driven Life and Way of the Peaceful Warrior and the Harry Potter series. It was …

The Triple Threat

Mike Egan fits things together

Mike Egan is being asked for some illumination, a defining moment in the $14 billion deal he helped orchestrate last May between his client, Sprint, and Clearwire, and which involved such heavy hitters as Google, Comcast, Time-Warner Cable, Intel and Bright House Networks. It's as if Egan, a mergers and acquisition attorney for King & Spalding, is being asked to explain the meaning of life. He leans back in his chair, shifts his weight, then leans an arm on the table. "Nothing really stands …


Lori Cohen, backed by her devoted team, takes a 48-0 record into the courtroom

Lori Cohen practices law like she won't get a second chance. The urgency she puts into her job is revealed in the appointment book lying on the edge of her desk. Ink fills the white space and spills into the margins. One of her days is two of ours because she is up at 6 a.m. and still up at 12 a.m. Cohen is 48-0 at trial, for crying out loud. Can't she give it a rest after 17 years? But she can't. If she loses, the client really loses. In the products liability (medical device) and …

Practice Made Perfect

Beth Tanis’ early fear of failure pushed her to become one of the most successful attorneys in Georgia

Beth Tanis pauses at the courtroom door. She’s weary from an arduous trial, her stomach unsettled, her eyes strained, but she releases all the angst with a deep breath. Once she flings open the courtroom door there will be a judge or jury to convince of her client’s integrity and innocence. So the first task is establishing a presence. “As a litigator, if you go into court without an air of confidence, you are in a world of hurt,” Tanis says. “Whether you feel confident or not …

The Lawyer Other Lawyers Made

Robert Jackson IV was an EPA scientist who couldn’t stand having his research abused by lawyers; so he became one

The boots, stained with mud and muck, with a blue plastic poncho rolled inside, lie behind the door in Robert Jackson’s law office. There are days — rainy days — when Jackson has to race from his office in downtown Atlanta to investigate a client’s property, which is awash in mud because somebody violated the code on runoff and basically said, “The hell with the guy downstream.”   It’s Jackson’s job to throw on the boots and poncho and wade into the water to find out where the …

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