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Brilliant Careers

District Attorney Kamala Harris on working for Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, and where to get really good Indian food in the city

You worked on the Jesse Jackson presidential campaign in the ’80s and knocked on doors in Iowa for the Obama campaign. How did working for the two campaigns differ? It was a completely different period of time. One of the clearest and most poignant memories I have of Jesse Jackson’s campaign was driving this little Toyota Corolla—I was a student at the time—and I had a “Jesse Jackson For President” sticker on my rear window. And I was driving around the freeway with my “Jesse …

Q&A: Racehorse Haynes

How Richard Haynes kicked a spittoon and launched a legendary career

Somewhere between superlatives—the most charming guy in Texas, the best lawyer in Texas—is an ordinary 82-year-old guy, who just happens to be a legend. Spend a few minutes with him—as you can below—and you’ll see why.   Super Lawyers: How did you get the nickname Racehorse? Richard Haynes: I was in junior high—it was a segregated school—and I was the fastest white kid in my class. It was a better nickname than some of the kids got.   You must be the only lawyer in the …

Q&A with Jon B. Eisenberg

Appellate specialist Jon Eisenberg quite literally wrote the book on the subject: he's the co-author of the widely used Rutter Group treatise California Practice Guide: Civil Appeals and Writs. Eisenberg, of Eisenberg and Hancock, is not afraid of controversy. He was one of the attorneys representing Terri Schiavo's husband, Michael, and more recently he's sued the Bush administration for its warrantless surveillance policies. And, below, he braves our questions.   You have written …

Q&A with Robert Hertzberg

After a long and successful political career, including years as the speaker of the California Assembly, Robert Hertzberg reflects on having settled into his law practice.

Super Lawyers: Do you miss the energy of running for political office? Robert Hertzberg: I continue to have as intense a life as I did when I was running for office, and although it can be exhausting, it is also exhilarating. I fundamentally enjoy meeting and learning from people every day, so in that regard I do not miss it at all.   Do you miss the power you had when you were speaker? Yes, absolutely. If I had an idea, I could get it done—no questions. It was nothing less than an …

You Can Take the Boy Out of Ebbets Field But You Can’t Take Ebbets Field Out of the Boy

Don Burris has created an A1 museum to the Dodgers—in his own home.

Don Burris says one of the worst moments of his life came when he rushed home from grade school on Oct. 3, 1951, just in time to catch the last inning of the last game of a three-game league-championship playoff between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers. “Bobby Thomson hit a home run,” Burris remembers sadly. “It was ‘The shot heard round the world,’ and the Dodgers lost. It was one of my worst moments ever and everyone was in mourning for days.” Since that time, Burris …

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