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Susan Ladika is a highly experienced writer and editor who covers topics ranging from health to finance to workforce and social issues. Before becoming a freelancer, she worked for The Associated Press in the U.S. and Europe. Her articles have appeared in Super Lawyers, Bankrate.com, and Creditcards.com, among others. She has edited books for international organizations.

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How Technology is Used to Stalk and Spy on Exes

And what you can do to put a stop to stalkers in Florida

In the digital age, the ways in which estranged spouses spy on each other have gone high-tech. Cars, cellphones and computers can all be targeted. GPS trackers are particularly big. When Tracking is Illegal in Florida “In high-asset, celebrity, or very contentious cases, I’ll use forensic investigators to sweep my clients’ homes, businesses, vehicles and boats,” says Kenneth Gordon, head of the family law department at Brinkley Morgan in Fort Lauderdale. Florida law prohibits placing a …

Do I Owe Taxes on Inheritance?

Florida attorneys' tips on tax burdens after the death of a loved one

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” so they say. But if you live in Florida, it’s very unlikely you’ll end up paying death taxes. Florida is one of 32 states with no estate or inheritance tax, so estates are taxed only under federal law. Florida’s constitution actually prohibits the state from collecting an estate tax—or an income tax, for that matter.   And last year, Congress doubled the federal estate-tax exemption, from $5.6 million for an individual and $11.2 million …

Does the Patriot Act Protect or Harass?

The debate over the landmark national security law and civil liberty safeguards

Note: The USA PATRIOT Act was originally signed into law by President George W. Bush following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Among other things, the controversial Act gave new power to U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, notably the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA), to engage in surveillance activities. The PATRIOT Act included sunset provisions, making it subject to reauthorization. Congress reauthorized portions of the …

Now That's Entertainment (Law)

Three Florida attorneys discuss their involvement in entertainment and sports

Think preparing your federal tax return is a chore? Imagine having to pay income tax in dozens of cities and state around the country each year, a challenge for professional athletes who play in more than a dozen locations each season. Though they may only play in a given place for three days, "the way [officials] look at it, those three days are worth tens of thousands of dollars based on million-dollar contracts," says Ben J. Hayes, a shareholder in the St. Petersburg office of Carlton …

When the Feds Overstep Your Privacy

It might be because more data is open to government scrutiny, but opponents say some should be off-limits

When the federal government decided to find out what Americans surf for on the internet, Microsoft turned over the search request records the feds wanted. So did Yahoo and AOL. But Google dug in its heels and decided the federal government was overstepping. Albert Gidari, a partner with Perkins Coie’s Seattle office, helped Google state its case, complaining to a federal judge that search requests often contain personal private information. The Bush administration wanted to use the data in a …

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