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Sod Almighty

All Seriousness Aside

His shorts reveal winter-white legs. On his feet are sandals and black socks pulled up to his knees. He wears a stopwatch around his neck and headphones in his ears. My father-in-law has just finished mowing the lawn — for the second time this week. Today was a diagonal day. Next time he’ll mow crosswise. The alternating pattern gives his yard the checkerboard look of the infield of Yankee Stadium. The sidewalk, driveway and the entire length of the curb have been edged with a surgical …

Hard Times in Mexico

Time has come screeching to a complete standstill. I’m guessing it’s about 10 p.m. I have no way of telling since they took my watch, along with everything else, before locking me up in this four-star Mexican correctional facility. There’s nothing to mark the passage of time except the boozy and erratic breathing of my cellmate, who lies passed out in the corner. I wish I were as drunk as he is so I could pass out and get through the night.There is something foul and angry …

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