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Arizona legal resources

What If My Business' Bankruptcy Plan is Contested?

How objections are sorted during an Arizona plan confirmation proceeding

Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Arizona

And tips for working with a personal injury attorney

Tips for Setting Up a Pet Trust in Arizona

The legal document allows you to care for your pet after you die

Cannabis Business in Arizona: The Basics

What to know in the wake of Prop 207

When is Debt Collection Considered Abuse?

What Arizona laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act say about collection harassment

What You Need to be Eligible for Arizona Long Term Care System?

Breaking down income limits, resource requirements, and medical criteria for ALTCS

Does a Revocable Living Trust Protect Me From Creditors?

No, but it protects your kids and is a recommended way to pass down inheritance in Arizona

Can You Sue The Farmer Next Door?

What happens when an Arizona farmer doesn't want to sell their farm?

Purchasing a Contaminated Property

In Arizona, business owners can protect themselves from liability

Can the Government Buy My Property?

Yes, and here’s what to know about eminent domain in Arizona

Social Media at Work: All Kinds of Ways to Get in Trouble

From slacking to cyberbullying in Arizona

Social Media and Hiring Decisions Are Not a Good Mix

Don’t check that applicant’s Facebook page

How to Hire a Non-U.S. Employee

An immigration attorney can help secure visas for your business

What Happens When You Get a DUI as a Commercial Driver?

Holders of CDL face tough consequences in Arizona

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