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Colorado Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Contesting a Will in Colorado Isn't Easy

It's an uphill battle, but attorneys say it's possible

Can You Sue Your Lawyer for Malpractice in Colorado?

What to do if your attorney goes awry

Proving a Product Caused Your Injury in Colorado

Preserving the evidence can be crucial to holding manufacturers responsible

What Matters in a Colorado Contested Custody Battle?

The deciding factors when parents fight for the kids

What Happens During an Internal Investigation for Fraud?

A Colorado white collar criminal defense attorney explains

How Much Does a Product Injury Case Cost in Colorado?

Also, how long does it take to resolve?

What to Do After a Car Accident in Colorado

And what to expect when working with a personal injury lawyer

Can You Sue a Contractor that has Gone Out of Business?

Homeowners have six years to bring a claim in Colorado

What to Expect When You Expect to Adopt

The legal steps to take to grow your family in Colorado

What to Do When a Medical Procedure Goes Wrong

A glimpse into medical malpractice lawsuits in Colorado

When You Want to Choose Your Time to Die

When you want to choose your time to die

Buying a House on Leased Land

What you need to know about residential land trusts

Family Law in the Pandemic

A look at co-parenting, financial and logistical issues caused by COVID-19 in Colorado

How Do You Maintain a Trademark?

And is it worth hiring a Colorado attorney to help you do so?

A Business Settling Out of Court Doesn't Mean Admission of Guilt

When to litigate and when to mediate a commercial lawsuit in Colorado

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Family Law Matters

A Colorado attorney speaks on the pandemic’s impact on his clients

How Do You Know If You Have a Workers' Comp Claim?

You don't always know, so attorneys suggest being on the safe side after a work-related injury

Map Your Digital Assets Before It's Too Late

Leaving your loved ones online access best prepares them in the event of your death

What Can You Do When Your Home Renovation Goes Awry?

Exploring Colorado homeowners' legal options

Who Pays Attorney's Fees in Eminent Domain Cases?

Some costs are recoverable in Colorado, if certain criteria are met

Preventing Legal Trouble When You Buy a Newly Constructed Home

How to protect yourself from legal trouble in Colorado

4 Common Misconceptions Owners Have About Construction Laws

In Colorado, your rights probably aren’t what you think

What is the Process of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How filing works in Colorado

When Arbitration and Mediation Meet Personal Injury

What to know if your case goes to alternative dispute resolution in Colorado

How You Can (and Can't) Get Out of a Subpoena

Colorado courts can force you to testify

Masterpiece Theater

Parsing the recent Supreme Court decision on gay rights and religious freedom 

No Country for Old Workers

Almost two-thirds of older workers have reported experiencing age discrimination

The Impact Arbitration Clauses Have on Class Action Lawsuits

The recent developments in class actions waivers

How to Raise Business Funds Without Going Public

The alternate path provides an IPO onramp for small- and mid-sized businesses

What Does a Company Need for an IPO?

How to prepare your company for a launch into the stock market

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