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New York Super Lawyers Employment Law - Employee Articles

When is Workplace Speech Protected and When Isn't It?

NYC lawyers speak out on speaking out

Age Discrimination is Rampant, Difficult to Prove

New York employment attorneys explain age discrimination

What to Do When Facing a Workplace Violation

Fighting discrimination, retaliation and harassment in New York

How Safe Are You From Being Fired on FMLA Leave?

The maternity and paternity laws at play in New York

What to Consider with a Potential Age Discrimination Case

It’s increasing but hard to prove in NYC

Full Disclosure on NDAs

Three New York employment lawyers walk you through the basics

The Risks of Being a Rideshare Driver in NYC

It's uber-complicated, so be sure you're informed

Getting Fired for Blabbing on Your Blog

New York attorneys' advice when you get dooced

Gender Discrimination in the Securities Industry

How New York employment attorneys deal with such suits

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