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New York Super Lawyers family law legal resources

A Parental Rights Primer for New York

What happens when the state steps in for the well-being or best interest of the child

Legal Options to Stop Exes from Stalking or Harassment

Tech advances make it easier for them, but New York laws are on your side

Is Mediation Mandatory?

If your case is in the Western or Northern Districts of New York, it may be

What Makes a Successful Mediation?

New York mediator Richard F. Griffin on the mediation process

Resolving Conflicts Out of the Courtroom

With courts clogged and costly, alternative-dispute resolution is gaining ground

How Cohabitation Agreements Work in New York

In the event of a breakup, make a clean break

Spouses Who Take the Money and Run

Jane's Law could help New Yorkers go after their stolen assets

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