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Florida legal resources

The Rules for Contesting a Will in Florida

No. 1: someone has to be dead

Can Florida Police Search Your Car in a Traffic Stop?

Maybe—that’s why knowing your rights is key

What Are Florida Developments of Regional Impact?

And how does that label affect land use and zoning laws?

What Happens When Your Ex Leaves the Country with Your Child?

How international custody battles are sorted in Florida

Do Legal Issues Outweigh the Perks of Rideshare Driving?

Navigating the road to riches in Florida

How to Keep Out of Legal Trouble in a Home Renovation

Avoiding the home improvement money pit in Florida

The Adoption Option

Florida attorney Erica Healey on opening your home to a child

What are the Costs of Litigation in Florida?

And other questions you should ask your family law attorney

Guidelines for Renting a Home in Florida

Being prepared before you sign a lease can prevent problems later

Cruise Lawsuit Raises Liability Question

Miami attorney Keith Brais says cruise operators should be responsible for employees’ actions

Nursing Home Care in the Age of COVID-19

What senior Floridians need to know

How to Manage Your Digital Afterlife

Floridians can protect their online and cloud assets via estate planning

Who's Responsible for an Injury in a Florida Home?

Who's at fault, who pays, and what do you do?

What to Consider When Owning a Short-Term Rental in Florida

You want to do your due diligence if you're thinking of Airbnb or Vrbo

Does Florida Have Laws for Licensing Music?

What musicians can do to legally protect their songs

There's a Way for a Will During COVID in Florida

Even in the midst of the pandemic, it’s not too late to do your estate planning

Can I Negotiate My Eminent Domain Case in Florida?

Getting an attorney early on can get you a better settlement

What Are the Physician Gag Laws in Florida?

What doctors can and cannot discuss with patients

Does My Life Insurance Policy Cover Suicide?

In Florida, accidental death and dismemberment policies are more likely to have exclusions

Why Do Life Insurance Policy Benefits Get Denied?

Material misrepresentation is often the culprit

How to Seek Zoning Approval for Marijuana in Florida

The legal process to seek cannabis real estate

When and How to Make an Age Discrimination Claim

What to do when you're discriminated against in a Florida workplace

What You Can Do About Those Annoying Robocalls

Florida attorneys' advice when robots, spoofers and scammers call

How Technology is Used to Stalk and Spy on Exes

And what you can do to put a stop to stalkers in Florida

The Rules to Legally Prescribing Medical Marijuana and CBD

What medical professionals in Florida must do to comply with regulations

What Are Employees' Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Florida workers should know the FMLA's significant benefits

How Do Mistrials Work?

In Florida, throwing out a case can happen in one motion

The Penalties and Defenses for Insider Trading

Advice from a Florida securities fraud attorney

Should I Choose a Chapter 11 or 12 Bankruptcy?

An overview of these filings and reorganizations for Florida businesses

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