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Georgia Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Trademark Advice from Georgia IP Attorneys

When and how to legally protect your business brand

When You Need a Tax Attorney in Georgia

Sometimes a CPA isn't enough

What Do Lawyers Look For in a Dog-Bite Case in Georgia?

And if you’re a dog-bite victim, why it’s better to contact an attorney sooner rather than later

Does Your Business Need to Collect Sales and Use Taxes for Other States?

An Atlanta tax attorney walks us through the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision

How to Defend an FMCSR Violation After a Trucking Accident

Proving compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Georgia

Am I Liable to Pay Subcontractors If the Main Contractor Doesn't?

The construction liability laws in Georgia

When and Why Attorneys Take Cases Pro Bono in Georgia

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal representation

When Should You Contest a Will in Georgia?

Considerations before challenging a will in court

What If You Suspect a Will Was Tampered With?

The process of contesting a will in Georgia

A Few Taxing Questions on Starting a Nonprofit in Georgia

What you need to know on a legal front

Three Things to Look for in Your Next Contract

Tips from Atlanta attorneys who do it for a living

When Is a Georgia Pet Owner Liable for Injuries?

The state standards when a dog, cat, snake or livestock lashes out

What is Involved in Patent Portfolio Management?

And do Georgia businesses really need an attorney to do it for them?

How Do You Prove Financial Harm in Legal Malpractice?

What Georgia law says, and how it might impact your case

How Can I Recover My Domain Name?

What can be done in Georgia when cybersquatters and infringers get your URL

6 Questions to Ask to Avoid Insurance Disputes

An insurance coverage attorney weighs in

How Do I Appeal Denied Veterans' Benefits Claims?

A guide through the VA benefits appeals process in Georgia

How to Sue an Insurance Company for Denying Coverage

Legal tips for arguing insurance bad faith or breach of contract in Georgia

How to Prepare for Business Bankruptcy

Georgia attorneys give their advice

What Should Georgia Companies Do to Prevent Cyberattacks?

Advice from business/corporate legal professionals

Doctor Selection is Why You Need a Workers? Comp Attorney

Workers’ compensation lawyers can prevent your employer from short-changing you on medical benefits

You Can?t Sue Your Employer for an Injury in Georgia

No injury suits, no pain and suffering: Workers’ comp is the only remedy

What Corporate Records Are Shareholders Entitled To?

A limited amount for most in Georgia, unless they can show a purpose for more

How Do I Maintain Tax-Exempt Status?

For Georgia’s nonprofits, compliance is simple, but penalties are significant

How to Collect on Debts for Your Business

The legal steps to consider taking in Georgia

Can a Georgia Nonprofit Increase its Lobbying?

Taking the 501(h) election typically gives nonprofits more opportunity to lobby

What to Do If Your Scholarship is in Jeopardy

Don’t panic and consider finding legal help

Can Georgia 14 year-olds Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Kids have a say, but the system aims to ensure the choice is legitimate

The Ways You Can Break the Law by Protesting

The First Amendment isn’t all-encompassing when assembling in Georgia

The Laws Dictating Child Support in Georgia

Although the method to calculate is common, the Georgia state laws aren’t

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