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Illinois Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Should a Business Register Its Brand Name and Logo?

Trademark attorneys explain the benefits of applying for one

When Is an Accountant Not Enough?

The situations in which a tax attorney may benefit your business

What Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney Mean

What the Illinois estate planning laws say about advance directives

How to Fight Discrimination or Retaliation

What you need for a lawsuit, according to Illinois employment attorneys

Legal Cannabis and Criminal Record Expungement in Illinois

How expungement works and how you can speed up the process

Q-Plus Employees in the Workplace

How can Illinois employers be more inclusive?

Transgender Student Rights in Illinois

What transgender students and their caregivers should know

Exploring Criminal Record Expungement

How and why an Illinois resident can get their criminal charges expunged or sealed

How Does a Firm Decide to Take a Case Pro Bono in Illinois?

And other frequently asked questions about discount legal assistance

Biometric Data Use in Illinois Workplaces

What do you need to know?

What are the Benefits of a Living Trust?

The situations in which Illinois estate planning attorneys would recommend it

Recording Conversations at Work is Illegal in Chicago

Breaking down the Illinois eavesdropping statute and two-party consent rule

Starting a Nonprofit Isn't as Simple As It May Seem

Getting into the legal details of a nonprofit startup in Illinois

How to Avoid Contract Disputes

A shorter, simpler contract doesn’t always mean a happier party

Bring All of the Relevant Documents

Bring all of the relevant documents

Can I Have Uniform Employment Policies in Multiple Countries?

An international business attorney’s advice on HR policies

Can I Unofficially Expand My Illinois Business Into a New Country?

An international business attorney weighs in on the do's and don'ts of testing a market

How Can a Mechanics Lien Help a Contractor Get Paid?

It’s a legal remedy to ensure you’re compensated for completed work in Illinois

Don't Go Up in Smoke When You Enter Cannabis

Getting into the Illinois industry might not be as easy as you think

The Laws That Govern International Business Transactions

What Illinois companies need to know if they merge, expand, or invest abroad

Testing the Waters of International Family Law

There’s no “one answer” when multiple countries are involved

Can I Sue for Abuse in Prison or Jail?

What warrants legal action, what to prove, and how to pursue it in Illinois

Legal Ways to Lower Your Tax Burden in Illinois

Write-offs, exemptions, deferrals, credits, transfers, and other attorney advice

Does Suicide Make a Life Insurance Policy Void?

It depends: An insurance coverage attorney breaks it down

How to Avoid a Discrimination Claim

Illinois employment attorneys share their advice

The Important Aspects of Business Relocation

Advice from Illinois real estate attorneys

Debt Collectors Won?t Stop Calling Me

What to do in Illinois if your phone won’t stop ringing

How to Defend Your Credit Score and Future

Check in periodically, and call a lawyer if something seems fishy

An Intellectual Property Lawyer May Save Your Idea

When inventors should call one, and what to avoid beforehand

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