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Kentucky legal resources

An Estate Plan Can Be a Wealth Preservation Plan in Kentucky

Legal strategies to save your estate, gift, income, and generation-skipping taxes

Can You Sue a Veterinarian for Malpractice?

In some cases, animal owners may be able to claim damages

How Do Kentucky Courts Protect Sexual Assault Victims?

The law helps keep identities and personal details secure

What Are the Advantages to a Subchapter V Bankruptcy?

There's less red tape and fewer fees, but you have to qualify

What to Do If Workers Fail Drug Tests From CBD

Lexington, Kentucky, attorney Matthew Lockaby on how employers can prepare for CBD in the workplace

Think of Chapter 11 as a Restructuring Plan, Not a Bankruptcy

An overview of the process for a Kentucky business to get a fresh start

What Attorney-Client Privilege Means in Kentucky

The attorney-client relationship consists of confidential communications

Can I Get Maintenance From My Spouse in Kentucky?

How the Kentucky courts decide spousal support in a divorce

What is Birdnesting?

An innovative approach to child custody in Kentucky

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