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Louisiana Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Maritime Laws When Workers Are Injured Aboard a Vessel

A Louisiana attorney’s legal advice for those who work on vessels

Am I Subject to Maritime Laws When I'm Injured on My Cruise?

The statutes that come into play with cruise ship injuries

How Can Minors Get an American Green Card?

Exploring the laws and process for youths coming to Louisiana

What Do Louisiana Courts Look for in a Reorganization Plan?

How the state looks at Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings

What Happens in the Louisiana Probate Process?

And should I avoid it, if possible?

Do I Have to Consent to a Police Search of My Car in Louisiana?

No, but state law offers police officers other ways into your vehicle

The Pros and Cons of TIF for a Developer

A tax increment financing primer for Louisiana business owners

Will I Pay Taxes on Alimony Payments?

For Louisianans, they can’t be deducted from income for those divorced in 2019 or after

Can Police Take Guns from My Abusive Partner?

Louisiana does little to enforce the law

What Happens If I've Received a DUI in Another State?

The harsh penalties you may face in Louisiana

What is a Hardship License?

If your license is suspended in Louisiana, you might still be able to drive for special reasons

How to Make a "Clear and Convincing" Argument in a Workers' Comp Suit

How to make a clear and convincing argument for disability claims

Suing for Retaliation, If You Whistleblow While You Work

The process of a workplace retaliation lawsuit in Louisiana

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