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Maryland legal resources

Do I Need a Lawyer for Health Care Licensing or Credentialing?

What the proceedings involve in Maryland

Vaccines and the Workplace

Can Maryland employers mandate the COVID-19 vaccine?

How Do I Craft Policies for Recruitment, Promotion and Discipline?

Tips for Maryland employers to avoid discrimination

Can I Give Family and Friends a Home Mortgage Loan?

Maryland’s mortgage lender licensing law has narrow exemptions

What Does a Real Estate Financing Attorney Do?

And does a Maryland property owner need one?

The Deciding Factors for a Business Interruption Insurance Claim

How Maryland law sorts through contract and policy phrasings

The Rights of Students with Special Needs Regarding Virtual Schooling

Maryland children are still entitled to a free, appropriate education

What are Arrest and Attachment Proceedings?

How the laws work in Maryland admiralty and maritime cases

What Are Trademark Agreements and How Do They Work?

A breakdown of consent, concurrent use, and coexistence agreements

Was My Attorney Negligent?

Defining legal malpractice in Maryland, and what to do if you’re a victim of it

What Civil Rights Laws Protect People with Disabilities?

An overview of disability rights in Maryland, and what to do to protect them

Can I Sue for Bad Faith or Breach of Contract?

What the law says for Maryland policyholders who feel wronged

How to Form a Super PAC

In Maryland, registration is simple but compliance is complex

5 Common Questions About Defending a Class Action

A brief legal guide with answers from attorneys who know

What Happens in a Class Action Mediation?

Answering your questions about the goings on behind closed doors

A Maryland Lawyer Can Help You Find a Gestational Carrier?

Jennifer Fairfax says there are multiple options for those seeking a surrogate in Maryland

How Do I Prove Fault in a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

A Maryland personal injury liability primer

Should My Injury Lawsuit Be a Class Action?

Mass torts vs. civil suit: What you stand to gain in Maryland

Can I Get a Green Card Through Employment?

Yes, but it could be a lengthy process

What's the H-1B Labor Condition Application Process?

There are differences Maryland employers should understand

$10,000 May Be All You Can Get If Your Pet is Killed

With few exceptions, Maryland’s statutory cap often makes pet owners even sadder

When Should I Start Receiving Social Security?

For Maryland seniors, age affects benefits

Covering Your Care Needs in Maryland

As you age, it’s important to plan for Medicaid and/or long-term care

Which Creditors Can I Pay Before Bankruptcy?

Maryland debtors should be cautious prior to filing

Can I Transfer Assets Prior to Bankruptcy?

In Maryland, transfers to avoid creditors risk being set aside by a trustee

When an Owner Isn't Liable for a Dog Bite

Maryland’s laws when a pet bites someone

How Do I Prove Medical Malpractice in a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

Determining medical negligence and standard of care in Maryland

How To Lose Your Gun Rights in Maryland

Maryland’s laws are among the strictest for gun owners in the nation

When to Use Non-Disclosures for Your Business

Protecting your competitive edge through NDAs in Maryland

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