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Massachusetts legal resources

Navigating an ‘Irretrievable Breakdown’

What to know when you’re considering a divorce

After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

How to memorialize your wishes with a carefully crafted estate plan

Constructing a Well-Built Contract

Boston construction attorneys discuss what to look for—and look out for

Helping Employees Succeed

The ins and outs of reasonable accommodation

When Does Taxation Need Legal Representation?

When a business needs a tax attorney

The Quicker, Easier, Cheaper Way to Solve a Business Dispute

Mediation allows all sides to have their say outside the court system

3 Essential Estate Planning Documents Everyone in Massachusetts Needs

Common mistakes people make with their estates and legal documents

What to Do If You're Targeted by Discrimination at Work

What workplace discrimination looks like in Massachusetts law

Do You Need a Will if You Do Not Have Kids?

Without a will, your wealth might end up with those who don’t need it

You Have 3 Years to File a Mesothelioma Lawsuit in Massachusetts

The actions you must take, and when, if you or a loved one fall ill from asbestos

When Should I Hire an Internal Investigator?

Tips for Massachusetts businesses when an employment law conflict arises

The Best Way to Start a Nonprofit

Massachusetts business advisors give their tips

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Boston attorneys weigh in on how to draft a solid contract 

How Are IP Issues Sorted Out in a Business Transaction?

What happens to pieces of intellectual property when a business changes hands

Trainings and Dedicated Staff Are Crucial to School Investigations

An education attorney’s tips for investigating discrimination and harassment in learning environments

The Difference Between Bullying and Harassment in Massachusetts

One falls under civil rights law, the other anti-bullying law. Here’s how it works.

How to Sue If You're Assaulted by Police or Prison Guards

Your civil rights when it comes to police brutality in Massachusetts

How Does a Private Investment in Public Equity Work?

A legal overview of the discount investment purchase methodA legal overview of the discount investment purchase method

What Are the Business Regulations for Cannabis in Massachusetts?

The rules you need to prepare in the marijuana, hemp, and CBD space

Real Estate Guidelines for Massachusetts Cannabis Businesses

The laws you need to know when you start a marijuana operation

How Do I Protect a Patent Internationally?

Massachusetts legal advice when you’re seeking to protect intellectual property abroad

Can a Breath or Blood Test Be Wrong?

Their validity can be legally challenged in Massachusetts

What Laws Govern Charitable Solicitation in Massachusetts?

The state and federal regulations a nonprofit must follow when seeking funds

What Is a Shareholder Derivative Action?

How a class action lawsuit can help Massachusetts investors

Does HIPAA Protect My Health Information?

It requires Massachusetts providers have compliance procedures in place

What If I Disagree With the Insurance Adjuster?

Consider a public adjuster assessment and legal counsel

How Do I Form a PAC?

In Massachusetts, the process is simple

What Is Required of Probation in Massachusetts?

Breaking down the laws, statutes, and ramifications

How to Get a Visa to Study in the U.S.

Foreign students looking to study in Massachusetts shouldn’t overlook the requirements

The Types of Commercial Leases in Massachusetts

What business owners should know about renting real estate

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