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Michigan Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

The Dangers M&A Attorneys Protect Michigan Businesses From

Why to call a mergers and acquisitions lawyer when you're looking to sell or grow

What to Watch For in Michigan Construction Agreements

Legal tips for businesses looking to expand or remodel

How Reasonable Accommodation is Defined in Michigan

Unpacking the federal and state law for employers

Legal Tips for Michigan Commercial Liability Insurance

Should you contact an attorney for all professional liability insurance claims, or just denials?

An Attorney Can Help You Deal with Michigan Liquor Control Commission

And the same goes for local applications and hearings

When to Consider Mediation in a Business Dispute

Getting the skinny from alternative dispute resolution specialists

When an Accountant Isn't Enough, Call a Tax Attorney

When things get off track with the IRS in Michigan

Alternatives to Bankruptcy in Michigan

Attorneys suggest solutions for navigating financial troubles

Should You Trademark Your Business' Name or Logo?

The importance of brand standing in Michigan

A Vaccinated Workforce Doesn?t Have to Mean a Mandate

What some Michigan employers are doing to ensure a safe work environment

How to Solve an Impasse in a Business Dispute

Michigan mediators share the tips of their trade

Is Mediation or a Trial Best for My Divorce?

When to go to court in a Michigan family law dispute

How to Stop or Slow IRS Penalties in a Tax Controversy

A tax attorney can help if they seek to seize assets, levy fines, or garnish wages

How to Fight Lake Levels Under Michigan Drain Code

An overview of NREPA, Act 188, and other legal tools at your disposal

Tips for Ironclad Contracts

Legal advice for drafting rock-solid business agreements

The Dos and Don'ts of Starting a Nonprofit

It begins with the size, the board, the name and the mission

How COVID-19 Impacts Condo and Homeowners Associations

What they need to consider to comply with the ever-changing laws

Why Condo and Homeowners Associations Need Attorneys

What lawyers offer and what to expect in Michigan

How to Write Nondisclosure Agreements That Work

Legal tips for the NDA process

How to Get Started in Michigan's Budding Business

Attorneys share their advice for breaking into the state’s growing cannabis industry

How Medical Records Must Document Sexual Assault in Michigan

What physicians and facilities need to do to comply with state law

How to Defend a Discrimination Claim

Employment lawyers give their advice

The Dos and Don'ts of Moving Your Business

Real estate attorneys' tips on what to look for in a new space

How to Enter Canada With a Prior Conviction

Legal tips for Americans hoping to visit the Great White North with a criminal record

What Do I Do If I?m Arrested in Canada?

Legal advice for Americans detained over the border

Five Ways to Reduce Jail Time in Michigan

Ways to lessen the burden of a criminal offense and sweeten a plea deal

Successfully Navigating Probation in Michigan

What happens if I violate the terms of probation?

How Arraignments and Bond Hearings Work in Michigan

The first steps in the criminal justice system in Michigan

I Was Discriminated Against. How Do I Prove It?

Your options in a Michigan workplace discrimination lawsuit

5 Must-Have Legal Documents in Michigan

Advice on the family law and estate planning fronts

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