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Minnesota Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

In the Aftermath of a Car Accident in Minnesota

Steps to take and tips for working with a lawyer

If a U.S. Company is Overseas, Whose Employment Laws Matter?

Sorting out international legal issues for foreign operations

Clearing Up Questions About Child Support

A Minnesota family law attorney weighs in on common misconceptions

The Basics on Child Support in Minnesota

A look at how it’s calculated and the categories of support

What is FINRA's Litigation Process?

Plus, legal advice from an attorney who’s been through it

Things to Know When Considering a Cabin Trust in Minnesota

When is a cabin trust a good idea, and when should you choose another route?

What Must a Business Do to Avoid Water Antidegradation Rules?

You don’t want to butt heads with the DNR, PCA and EPA in Minnesota

Navigating the Legal System When You're Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Guidance for Minnesotans seeking to overcome barriers to legal access

What Is Disparate Impact Discrimination?

A lawyer weighs in on a lesser-known aspect of discrimination

How to Form a Union

A Minnesota labor and employment lawyer lays out the five steps

What Are Minnesota's Open Meeting Laws?

How a town, city or village council must post their public meetings

COVID Employment Questions Answered

A Minnesota employment lawyer weighs in on worker concerns

What I Need to Open a Dispensary in Minnesota

The state rules and regulations to enter medical cannabis retail

How to Sponsor a Family Member

Common routes to permanent residency for family members of U.S. immigrants

Who is a Public Charge?

Defined limits on admissibility for permanent residence in U.S. immigration

Can I Appeal If My Workers? Comp Claim is Denied?

Act fast and seek a worker's compensation attorney in Minnesota

Am I Forced to Use My Company’s Doctor?

What to know about choosing a physician in a Minnesota workers’ compensation case

One Question Separates Good Workers? Comp Attorneys from Bad

What to ask when you need a lawyer for your job injury case

How Do I Get My Property Listed on the National Register?

It’s a lengthy process for Minnesota property owners

What Auto Insurance Coverage Should I Purchase in Minnesota?

Minnesotans must protect themselves from underinsured drivers

The Most Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Minnesota accident victims should seek help quickly to understand the process

Gun Trusts Allow You to Legally Pass Down Your Firearms

The mechanism protects you, your family and beneficiaries from breaking federal law

What Laws Do Minnesota Airbnb Hosts Need to Follow?

Minnesota real property owners must understand several layers of regulation

Can I Keep a Tenant’s Security Deposit?

Minnesota landlords face steep penalties if not cautious

What to Do If You Suspect Housing Discrimination

Minnesota tenants facing housing discrimination must act fast to protect their rights

How Do I Evict a Tenant in Minnesota?

Understanding the legal requirements is key for residential and commercial landlords

How to Respond to a Rent Escrow Action

Minnesota landlords should ensure their properties aren’t at risk

Police Can Search Your Phone in Minnesota

What the law says in regard to cellphones and your privacy rights

In Minnesota Is Graffiti Art or Illegal?

Minnesotans should think twice before that inspiration gets out of hand

The Ins and Outs of Disturbing the Peace in Minnesota

How to seek penalties against a neighbor or defend your rights at home

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