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Nevada legal resources

Who Gets the Pet in a Breakup?

How to solve or avoid a pet-custody dispute in the Battle Born State

How Will I Know if the Government Wants My Property?

And other eminent domain questions, answered

What Is Eminent Domain?

And what forms can it take?

Reckless Driving vs. DUI in Nevada

The penalties for each conviction, and why plea bargaining down might be advantageous

How Does Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Report?

The ways in which a Nevada bankruptcy filing will follow you later

Divorce in the Time of Coronavirus

Are family courts an essential business in Nevada during the pandemic?

Should I Start or Update My Estate Plan During a Pandemic?

An emergency situation can serve as a catalyst, but don’t panic

Why Did the Insurance Company Close My Workers' Comp Claim?

Rating evaluations and filing appeals in Nevada

What Do I Need to Apply for a Nevada Marijuana License?

A business plan, access to funding, and a location … to start

How Much Would It Cost to Open a Dispensary in Nevada?

An overview of the licensing, application, legal fees, and more

When You Hit the Jackpot, So Does the IRS

The tax implications when you win and lose gambling in Vegas

The Defenses for Prostitution and Solicitation in Nevada

Don’t get caught with your pants down, legally speaking

Can I Sue When Someone's Dog Bites Me?

The laws regarding dog bite cases in Nevada

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