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New Jersey legal resources

What Restrictive Covenants Aren't Enforceable in New Jersey?

Putting them in contracts doesn’t automatically mean they’re binding

New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana for Adults

What will marijuana legalization in New Jersey look like?

Can a Prescription Medication Error Be Medical Malpractice?

Yes, and here is what you can do to seek a lawsuit in New Jersey

Consumers' Rights When They Visit an Auto Mechanic

Defining deceptive and unlawful repair practices in New Jersey

What is Long-Tail Liability?

Making sense of the confusion in New Jersey insurance law

What You Must Do to Legally Issue Marijuana

The New Jersey law for facilities

What You Need to Apply for a Cannabis License in New Jersey

What you need to comply with the laws and regulations

Is My Noncompete Preventing Me From Accepting a Job?

Determining the enforceability of your noncompete agreement in New Jersey

How Long Do Immigration Cases Take?

Some last a few months, others take years; it depends on your circumstances

Do I Pay the Attorneys as a Member of a Class Action?

How are lawyer fees and litigation costs settled in a New Jersey mass torts claim?

Trade Dress: What It Is and How to Protect Yours

An overview of what New Jersey and federal trademark laws say

How to Limit Injury Liability If You Work With Horses

New Jersey equine laws can protect you from financial risks

Soft vs. Hard Insurance Fraud in New Jersey

What a white-collar criminal could face for committing it

How to Hold a Business Owner Personally Liable

Creditors can pierce the corporate veil of shady New Jersey businesses

Why Choose to Form Your Business as an LLC?

It’s the best choice for some New Jersey businesses, but owners must compare all options

Legal Tips if Your Business Is in a Buyout

Some things New Jersey entrepreneurs need to know

Should I Choose an S or C Corporation for My Small Business?

It’s a critical decision for New Jersey startup owners

Can Immigrants Be Indefinitely Detained?

What is allowed by law when the U.S. government detains you

How to Comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule

Who needs to do what in New Jersey

Do I Need a Tax Attorney in New Jersey?

What business owners, and others, need to know about when to call a tax lawyer

Looking to Capitalize on Tax Reforms?

You may want to speak with a New Jersey attorney first

Trouble With Business Taxes? An Attorney Can Help

New Jersey businesses can rely on them for the most up-to-date compliance knowledge

Can I Sue for Continued Exposure to Noise at Work?

Making a workers’ compensation claim for loss of hearing on the job

Your Attorney Must Keep Your Secrets … To a Point

What attorney-client privilege means, and the exceptions to it in New Jersey

Planning the Future of the Family Business in New Jersey

Are your kids really the best choice to take over the company?

What To Do When Employees Claim Stress

Stress-based workers’ comp claims in New Jersey face a higher bar

Can You Sue the City for Potholes?

Recovering for damage in New Jersey can be a rough road

Make Sure Your Employer Follows the Law for Background Checks

What employees in New Jersey need to know about their records

How to Protect Yourself if You're Cohabiting in New Jersey

Certain legal documents can save your property, children and estate

My Intellectual Property Was Stolen

Steps to take after copyright, trademark or patent infringement in New Jersey

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