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North Carolina legal resources

When Are Corporate Acquisitions & Divestitures Taxable vs. Tax-Free?

Diving in with a North Carolina tax attorney

Does My Student Loan Debt Go Away After Bankruptcy?

Walking You Through the Options in North Carolina

What is Fair Use versus Infringement in North Carolina

When using a copyrighted work is not infringement

Don't Represent Yourself in a North Carolina DWI

The legal and social consequences may be dire

The Aggravating Factors in a North Carolina DWI

What they are and how they are used to punish offenders

Can Businesses Plan for the Next Pandemic?

M. Heath Gilbert Jr. says yes—to a degree

What if My Workers' Compensation Injury Gets Worse?

The circumstances under which you can reopen your case in North Carolina

What Happens If I'm Part of a Defective Product Lawsuit?

How these consumer class action suits are resolved in North Carolina

Heart Balm Torts: What They Are and How They Work

What the laws say in North Carolina

The Common Legal Questions CBD Businesses Face

Hemp is no longer a controlled substance, but it still has regulations

What Is a Supplemental Needs Trust?

And how they can help the injured, disabled, and persons with special needs in North Carolina

What Constitutes Police Misconduct?

When can you file suit against law enforcement in North Carolina

Can a Parent Be Charged with Kidnapping?

Yes, and it's most common among divorced families in North Carolina

The Heavy Legal Regulations of University Secret Societies

In North Carolina, skull and bones groups are more regulated than you may think

Will USCIS Deport for Unlawful Status?

A shift in policy means anyone with unlawful status will be put into removal proceedings

What Happens If I Make a Mistake on Immigration Documents?

The result may be that you’re seen as unlawfully in the country

What to Do If You're Accused of Discrimination

Call an employment lawyer to prepare your defense

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