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Oregon Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Deciding Between Debt or Equity Securities Financing in Oregon

What you need to know about each type of offering

What to Do If You Suspect You're Part of a Class Action

Legal considerations for when you have reason to believe a lawsuit impacts you

Understanding Oregon's Measure 110

Violations still carry penalties

Do I Need a Lawyer for an Uncontested Adoption?

We ask an Oregon attorney about the risks

What Constitutes Excessive Force by Oregon Police?

How it's defined, and how to protect your civil rights

Can You File an Insurance Claim for a Data Security Breach?

How to protect and defend your data in Oregon

How to Obtain an OLCC Marijuana License in Oregon

A legal overview of the four types businesses can apply for

How to Solve Land Use and Zoning for a Cannabis Business

The process of obtaining a Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) in Oregon

What to Do When You’re Arrested for a Crime You Didn’t Commit

The steps to take and places to turn when you’re innocent in Oregon

The Tax Benefits of Charitable Estate Planning

How to set up a charitable trust in Oregon

Should I Take My Case to Mediation?

When the mediation process may not make sense in Oregon

Shareholder Rights in a Private Corporation

If a corporation doesn’t protect them, Oregon law will

Working With the IRS When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes in Full

The collection process, payment options, compromises, and how an attorney can help

How to Report Elder Abuse in Oregon

An overview of the laws meant to protect you, and how a lawyer can help enforce them

What Are the Options for DACA Recipients?

The legal options for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who are subject to political whim

If You Can?t Find a Job After a Workers? Comp Injury

Oregon’s vocational rehabilitation system prepares you for the next career

Check Your Brand Before Brewing

Don’t get soused in Oregon

How Do I Name My Beer?

Craft brewery branding rights in Oregon

When Can You Save a Pet Locked in a Car?

And what are the consequences of doing so Oregon?

Your DNA Goes Where You Don't

DNA transfer can erroneously link suspects to crimes

Oregon Supports Residential Beekeeping

But beware of local nuisance laws, backyard beekeepers

Your DNA Can Be Stolen

Your genetic code is as available as a discarded tissue in Oregon

You?ve Invented Something

What the patent application process is like

Busted for Driving High in Oregon?

Legalization of marijuana does not make impaired driving legal

Filing a Lawsuit for Price Gouging in Oregon

How antitrust laws aim to protect consumers

Should I Pay Debts Before Bankruptcy?

Oregon debtors must weigh their options before making these difficult decisions

Will Medicaid Pay for Nursing Home Care?

Navigating the complex laws of Medicaid in Oregon

Water Theft in the World of Weed

Legal Oregon marijuana growers may be violating a long-standing water law

How Are Debts Paid When a Business Closes?

Corporate dissolution tips in Oregon

How Health Care is Complying with Escobar

Seek legal counsel if you want to avoid government investigation and fines

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