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Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Second-Parent Adoption in Pennsylvania

What is it—and do you need it?

What Evidence Do You Need in a Price-Fixing Lawsuit?

The types of things antitrust attorneys look for

What to Do in Pennsylvania If Your Child is Attacked by a Dog

Seek medical attention, then legal assistance for compensation

Philadelphia Votes Yes To Police Reform

How do the two new measures impact residents?

How to Protect Your Spouse in Medicaid Planning

Federal and Pennsylvania rules to shelter assets from nursing home costs

Was I a Victim of Police Brutality or Misconduct?

When Pennsylvania police are observing due process, and when they violate civil rights

What to Expect and How to Defend an ERISA Lawsuit

An attorney’s advice when a Pennsylvania business faces a suit

What Do I Want Covered in an Environmental Insurance Policy?

What a Pennsylvania company should look for to protect itself

Ways to Prevent Liability as a Pennsylvania Cannabis Business

How to comply with state laws and regulations

Should My Company Consider a Debt Offering?

An overview of this restructuring or refinancing method

How is a Class Certified in Pennsylvania?

A legal breakdown of an important step in a class action

Why to Consider Title Insurance in Pennsylvania

Protecting against title failure and other financial risks in a real estate deal

Breach of Contract vs. Bad Faith: What is the Difference?

How these insurance coverage lawsuits differ in Pennsylvania

Proving an Injury was Due to a Product Defect

Pennsylvania product liability law and how to recover compensation

Is a Contract with a Computer Program Enforceable?

Contracting with artificial intelligence in Pennsylvania

How Much Can Nonprofit Founders Pay Themselves?

Donors serve as the ultimate check on Pennsylvania nonprofits

How is Compensation Enforced for Nonprofits?

The scrutiny that Pennsylvania nonprofits face from the IRS

Determining Reasonable Compensation for a Nonprofit Job

The IRS guidelines for organizations in Pennsylvania

The Penalties and Defenses for Boating Drunk in Pennsylvania

The state has five classifications for BUI

What to Know About Trust Fund Taxes

A legal guide for Pennsylvania business owners

How to Get a Fianc

The process is simple, but not a permanent solution

What If My Business or Product Name is Already Being Used?

Intellectual property issues in selecting a name in Pennsylvania

Who's to Blame for Overdoses in Pennsylvania?

Opioid deaths may be prosecuted as homicide in Pennsylvania

Is a Trademark Worth the Cost?

When to register a trademark or service mark in Pennsylvania

Suing an Auto Dealer for Fraud

How Pennsylvania law protects car buyers, and how a lawyer can help

At What Age Should I Draw from Social Security?

It’s not an easy decision to make when planning retirement in Pennsylvania

Can My Special Needs Student be Suspended or Expelled?

“We shouldn’t punish kids for their disability”

How to Seek Academic Advancement for a Special Ed Student

Brighter IDEA: The Supreme Court has clarified standard of free, appropriate public education

Mediation: An Alternative to Heading to Court

A more collaborative, and often cheaper, way to resolve legal conflicts

Who Pays for a Riot?

Tips for property owners when fans and demonstrators turn destructive in Pennsylvania

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