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South Carolina legal resources

What is the Timeline of an Audit in South Carolina?

What happens and when you need to respond to the DOR and IRS

What South Carolina Homeowners Need to Prove a Construction Defect

Courts want to see documentation in a product liability lawsuit

What Homeowners Can Expect in a Product Defect Case

How long it takes and how the compensation works in home construction lawsuits

Can You Sue If Social Services Takes Your Kids?

What South Carolina attorneys look for in cases against DSS

When Can I Reopen My Closed Workers' Comp Case?

What state law dictates in South Carolina

Is It Better to Have a Will or a Living Trust?

How to decide when a revocable living trust might be better for you

The Legal Drawbacks and Liabilities for Restaurants Under COVID-19

Tips from a South Carolina retail attorney on the harsh realities this pandemic presents

How Partnerships Are Taxed in South Carolina

The filing considerations for business owners

What If You Get in an Accident With an Uninsured Driver in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, an attorney can help you seek compensation through your own policy

Will I Receive Alimony or Spousal Support After My Divorce?

How support payments and legitimate need are calculated in South Carolina

How to Avoid Rent-to-Own Home Schemes in South Carolina

The ways to enter these kinds of contracts and avoid predatory landlords

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