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Tennessee Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

What Can You Argue in a Breach of Agreement or Contract Case?

Sorting out the hearsay in a Tennessee business lawsuit

4 Things Tennessee Police Must Prove in a DUI

And how to legally challenge the conviction

Legal Considerations When You Transfer Intellectual Property Rights

An overview of IP transactions in Tennessee

Penalties for Probation Violation in Tennessee

And what can you argue in your defense if you violate parole?

Can I Deduct Alimony Payments from My Income?

Due to the federal tax overhaul, maybe not

Do Domestic Abusers Keep Their Guns?

Tennessee has taken steps to require surrender of an abuser’s guns

Tennessee Tries to Stop Animal Abusers in Their Tracks

The state legislature created a registry to inform its citizens and protect its animal residents

Trademarked in Tennessee

How musical acts in Nashville can claim and defend their names

Who's at Fault in a Tennessee Car Accident?

How to determine fault and recover damages in a car accident suit

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