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Utah Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Who Is Liable in a Utah Trucking Accident?

How to sort out the multiple parties involved in a commercial vehicle crash

What Are Utah?s Water Quality Rules and Regulations?

How to stay within the law when it comes to groundwater

Planning Around State and Local Tax Issues in Utah

How a legal professional can help businesses comply and still thrive

Working With a Utah Municipality on Zoning Changes

A guide to variances, conditional uses, and nonconforming uses

What Are the Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust?

How and why to have an estate planning attorney set one up in Utah

The End of Alimony Deductions in Utah

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act eliminates the long-standing tax deduction for alimony payers

You Don't Have to be Buzzed to Get Busted for DUI in Utah

Utah lowered its tolerance for drinking and driving to .05 BAC

Utah's Metabolite DUI Law Doesn't Require Impairment

It prohibits any drug byproduct in a driver’s bloodstream, period

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