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Virginia Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

Planning for Pets

Planning for furry, feathered or scaly friends

Can I Claim Workers' Comp Even If I Was at Fault?

It's a no-fault process when it comes to accidents

Am I Eligible for Veteran Benefits or Pension?

How veterans and survivors can apply through the VA

The CARES Act: Your Action Required

Can consumers still take advantage of the CARES Act?

Voting Rights for People in Assisted-Living Facilities

Can the constitutional right to vote be taken away?

Divorce From Bed and Board or Divorce From the Bond of Matrimony?

Why to consider one over the other in Virginia

Can My Employer Force Me to Work During 'Shelter-in-Place'?

The law offers some potential protection, but there’s no easy answer

Do I Need a Patent to Sell My Idea?

How to protect your rights when capitalizing on your intellectual property in Virginia

How to Secure Historic Restoration Tax Credits in Virginia

What you need to satisfy for local and federal development incentives

What is Considered Excessive Force by an Officer?

How Virginia defines police misconduct, and how to seek justice

Can I Get Visitation Rights If I’m Not a Parent?

How Virginia law views grandparent and other third-party child custody issues

If You're Uninsured and Get in an Accident in Virginia

An attorney can protect your rights and help you settle the case

Wrong Information Reported to the CRAs?

Virginians must keep an eye on their credit reports

Pass the DUI

The state law isn’t a safeguard if you have alcohol in a motor vehicle

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