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Washington Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

The Washington Cares Act: How Will It Work for Me?

Seattle attorney Tamara Roe offers a primer on the state’s new long-term care plan

What to Consider in an Entertainment Licensing Deal

Know the legal details in Washington state

How Do You Know If Your Insurer Acted in Bad Faith?

When you should sue your insurance company in Washington state

Do I Need a Lawyer for the Venture Capital Process?

The potential legal snags involved in Washington startup funding

How to Complete a Successful Home Renovation

Seattle construction attorney Joshua Lane offers tips to help your remodeling project go smoothly

Does My Small Business Need a Lawyer on Retainer?

Why Washington entrepreneurs might want to consider counsel

What Does a Small Business Lawyer Cost and Do I Need One?

And how to go about finding one in Washington state

Valid Defenses to Workplace Sex Discrimination

How a Washington business might fight an employment lawsuit

How Do I Know If a Medical Device is Defective or Harmful?

Establishing liability for an injury lawsuit in Washington state

Landing a Refund for Flights Cancelled from COVID-19

Airlines have been ordered to issue full refunds—not just vouchers—for coronavirus-related cancellations

How to Avoid Losing Your Home in the Time of COVID-19

Washington state rushes to protect renters from eviction

Can the Government Take My Property Via Eminent Domain?

What Washington landowners should know to protect their rights

What Does It Mean to be the Lead Plaintiff or Class Representative?

The role of a named party in a Washington class action suit

Washington's Human Composting Law and How It Works

It’s the first of its kind, and will likely be regulated like cremation

Could My Workplace Discrimination Claim Become a Class Action?

Probably not, but you may still have a case

What If You Disagree with the Department of Labor and Industries?

What to do if you disagree with the Department of Labor and Industries

How Much is My Car Accident Case Worth?

General damages, lost wages, medical bills and more in Washington personal injury cases

In 2019, Tax Rules Mean alimony Will No Longer Be Tax-Deductible

How will the new tax-law change to child support affect taxpayers in Washington?

Where the Money Goes in a Successful Birth Injury Lawsuit

In Washington state, damages are often awarded to the child, sometimes in a trust

Can I Sue When Kickstarter Fails to Deliver?

How the Consumer Protection Act covers crowdfunding in Washington

Can I Sue if My Brand is Used in a Domain Name?

How to resolve trademark disputes in Washington state

There's an Error in My Credit Report

Washingtonians can fix errors with the FCRA

The Contracts Involved in Book Publishing

Legal advice on becoming a published author in Washington state

Don't Let Your Face Be Stolen

You have the right to control your likeness in Washington

How to Legally Protect Your Artistic Creation

Copyright protections in Washington state

To Victims of Sexual Assault: Please Seek Legal Help

Attorneys overcome bias and understand victim behavior in Washington sexual misconduct lawsuits

Can a Business Provide Your Private Information to ICE?

Yes, and though it’s against the law, illegal immigrants in Washington may still be deported

Losing Your House to Medicaid Estate Recovery

With planning, heirs may be able to keep the family home

Infringing on the Public's Right to Know

Washington juggles open meeting laws and privacy concerns

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