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Wisconsin Super Lawyers Legal Issue Articles

When Is Litigation the Best Option in a Business Dispute?

It isn't often, but sometimes it's the only path

What If You Find Out You're Not Your Child's Biological Father?

Establishing and contesting legal paternity in Wisconsin

What Is an Operating Agreement?

And other questions a lawyer can answer when setting up an LLC in Wisconsin  

Can I Lay Off My Furloughed Employees?

Legal considerations employers need to be aware of

How COVID-19 Changes Hospitals Responsibilities Under EMTALA

A Wisconsin healthcare attorney walks through the challenges due to coronavirus

Can You Get a DUI in a Boat Without a Large Motor?

This and other Wisconsin laws related to boating while intoxicated

Choosing Chapter 128 Reorganization or Bankruptcy?

Unlike a bankruptcy filing, this Wisconsin statute gets you out of debt without a courtroom

Workplace Harassment in the MeToo Era

How to pursue a sexual harassment claim in Wisconsin

Can Workers Sue for Theft of Wages in Wisconsin?

How to pursue a suit against an employer when banding together is difficult

Business Owners: Environmental Lawsuits May Sink You

An environmental lawyer may save your Wisconsin business

When Should I Call an Environmental Lawyer?

How do I pursue an environmental action in Wisconsin?

Consider a Mediator Over a DIY Divorce

Wisconsin allows mediators to draft all court documents for disputing parties

Getting Damages from a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault

How to establish proportional comparative fault in a Wisconsin

How to Ensure Your Vote Will Count in Wisconsin

What you need to know about the state law and your voting rights

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