Hold On, the Sam & Dave-Loving David 'Mad Dog' Munoz is Coming

Discovery with David J. Munoz

Published in 2020 San Diego Super Lawyers magazine

By David J. Munoz on March 30, 2020


My nickname is … Mad Dog. I was pushing really hard to get some medical records in a motion-to-compel hearing—this was my first hearing—and a group of older lawyers heard me arguing. As I was walking out, one of them stopped me and said, “What do they call you—‘Mad Dog’ Muñoz?” It’s funny because it’s so opposite of my personality.

I can’t go a day without … music. 

If you were in my office, you’d … raid the candy bowl. 

The quality I most like in a lawyer is … integrity over everything.

My pretrial routine is … listening to a lot of ’60s R&B.

My courtroom walk-up music would be … “Hold On, I’m Comin’” by Sam & Dave.

When I started, I wish I knew … that I would never know everything, and no one else does, either.

My career high point (so far) has been … my first trial. I represented three African American gentlemen—two had recently been released from prison—while the defendant was an active-duty Marine who had just come back from Afghanistan. He went out drinking and caused an accident with my clients. The defendant’s insurance company thought that a jury would believe their client over mine, but sometimes justice prevails. ‘I almost quit the law because … dispensaries seem to be doing really well. 

The SCOTUS justice I’d most like to meet is … Thurgood Marshall. America as we know it would not be the same without his advocacy in Brown v. Board of Education.

The SCOTUS decision I’d most like to overturn is … District of Columbia v. Heller. It made me throw my con law book across the room.

I can’t believe more people haven’t read … Cash: The Autobiography by Johnny Cash.

I can do a pretty good impersonation of … someone who isn’t about to lose it when they find out someone is being dishonest.

The talent I wish I had is … JT’s moves. Although he did recognize my moves at a concert once. Ask him.

My motto is … “Don’t start by telling yourself ‘No.’” 

I wish I had invented … Actually, I invented a few things but didn’t act. Later, I saw those things being advertised by someone else. Ideas are great. Actions are better. 

The books I just don’t get are … many of the classics. Did anyone actually enjoy David Copperfield? I tried to re-read some later in life and realized why I didn’t like them in school. 

My favorite news source is … Newsy.

The question I’m tired of answering is … “Can I sue for a million bucks for something stupid?”

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