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The Full Perspective

Pamela Price has been lawyer, plaintiff and defendant. Next up: Alameda County D.A.? Featuring Pamela Y. Price

Breaking the Algorithm

Neel Chatterjee’s offbeat recipe for Silicon Valley success Featuring Neel Chatterjee

Another Journey to Justice

Chambord Benton-Hayes’ path started with meeting Johnnie Cochran Featuring Chambord Benton-Hayes

The Community Lawyer

Mariah Thompson helps make systemic change Featuring Mariah Thompson

Looking for a Righteous Cause

Larry Organ helped win the country’s highest-ever award for racial discrimination Featuring Lawrence A. Organ

Project Chimps

Bruce Wagman’s decision to found a chimpanzee sanctuary Featuring Bruce A. Wagman

Penney Lane

Fred Penney on the next wave of legal marketing Featuring Frederick W. Penney

Book 'Em

Jim McManis’ 23,000-title collection Featuring James McManis

Zach Zwerdling on that Sweet Humboldt County Sound

He founded Mercury Sky Records for local singer-songwriters Featuring Zachary E. Zwerdling

Cookies, Musicals and a Tricycle

Discovery with Taimur Case Featuring Taimur Case

'A Fire in Her to Protect the Victim'

Why Natalie Weatherford only takes sex abuse cases Featuring Natalie Weatherford

Climate Goals

Environmental attorney Mitchell Tsai on how developers game the system

Being Atticus

What’s it like to be named for the most beloved lawyer in American literature? Featuring Atticus N. Wegman

Serving the Underserved

Julia Yoo represents the female prisoners and others society has written off  Featuring Julia Yoo

Path Finding

How Jo Dale Carothers helped NASA decode images from Mars Featuring Jo Dale Carothers

Chasing Rabbits

Marc Schechter grew up idolizing Jefferson Airplane; now he reps them  Featuring Marc S. Schechter

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