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A 10-Year Overnight Success

Demetria Graves wrote the book; now she’s recording the podcast

Brave New World

Streaming has replaced theatrical but what will replace streaming? Schuyler Moore on the state of film financing

Coast to Coast to Coast

Getting into the class-action weeds with 20-for-20 lawyer Graham LippSmith

‘I Was Lucky’

Danny Abir’s journey from Iran to building law firms

McNicholas & McNicholas & McNicholas

A father, two sons, and letting Rodman be Rodman

Resolution Oriented

Angela Reddock-Wright’s fight for a better workplace, one mediation at a time

No Summit is Guaranteed

Joseph Chairez’s pro bono work has helped immigrants, at-risk kids and Sherpas

Wasser Redux

Laura Wasser on the last 20 years of family law and what might happen if Obergefell is overturned

Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going

Six perennial top listers talk about the last 20 years of law

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for the Environment, the Law, and the Future

Environmental law attorney and policy expert Jennifer Hernandez assesses one of 2022’s most significant pieces of legislation

Project Chimps

Bruce Wagman’s decision to found a chimpanzee sanctuary

Book 'Em

Jim McManis’ 23,000-title collection

The Full Perspective

Pamela Price has been lawyer, plaintiff and defendant. Next up: Alameda County D.A.?

Breaking the Algorithm

Neel Chatterjee’s offbeat recipe for Silicon Valley success

Another Journey to Justice

Chambord Benton-Hayes’ path started with meeting Johnnie Cochran

The Community Lawyer

Mariah Thompson helps make systemic change

Looking for a Righteous Cause

Larry Organ helped win the country’s highest-ever award for racial discrimination

Penney Lane

Fred Penney on the next wave of legal marketing